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TRYBZ Martial Arts

TRYBZ Martial Arts and Mixed Martial Arts in Fort Collins, Colorado, is committed to providing quality martial arts instruction to each and every student. We place a strong emphasis on discipline and respect. Learning is the key to all our work. Our teaching is done as if we were working with our own family. Drop by and check out our official sized octagon cage, matted area, weights and extensive array of bags and striking equipment.

For the more traditionally minded students, we offer Tribal Martial Arts training. Many of these arts such as Muay Boran (ancient Muay Thai as seen in the movie “Ong Bak Thai Warrior”) were the forerunners of the arts used by top MMA fighters today. They are very beautiful and rich in culture while maintaining the effective reality- based fighting methods that they are famous for. These arts stress earth awareness and a sense of community, but unlike most traditional martial arts, even the MMA fighters respect the tribal arts.

TRYBZ Martial Arts has one of the best records of any MMA Team in Colorado. Our fighters have been featured on MTV, fought in Japan and been invited to compete in the UFC. We have trained MMA, Muay Thai and Grappling champions. We teach MMA classes for both the professional and amateur fighters as well as the complete novice. We pride ourselves on being friendly and maintaining a safe and fun learning environment.

  • Humble One says:

    Description says it all. This Dojo does a great job of training a man into a warrior. Discipline is stressed greatly which helps students understand respect. No student is left out and teachers do a fantastic job of constructively criticizing which help the student grow in all areas. Workouts are fun and tough, and the classes are of the highest quality. The MMA competitors who train at TRYBZ are all fighters who are a force to be reckoned with. Thank you TRYBZ.

  • hopeful learner says:

    Since I am a woman I wanted to learn an art that would leave me fully protected and confident. I was worried at first about training in a “man’s sport” but my worries soon vanished as I discovered that everyone is very friendly and professional and there are a number of women training there as well! There are even Ladies Self Defense classes available.

    Trybz is a wonderful dojo with an even better environment, fueled by amazing instructors. I highly recommend that anyone and everyone train there!

  • Alright says:

    I went to Trybz for a little bit. It really isn’t that great for MMA training. They have a good stand up coach and a pretty good grappling coatch but other than that they are lacking.
    Trybz has a lot more coaches but it seems that they care more about fixing the “dojo” more than the people that come to train there.

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