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America Martial Arts Academy Jacksonville

America Martial Arts Academy in Jacksonville, Florida, offers Kenpo Karate martial arts classes for the whole family ages 5 to 95, and an MMA program for ages 12 and up. Please call or click to our website and click on “Sign Up Now!” tab to schedule your TWO FREE private lessons!

In addition, you may also enjoy the following benefits:
– Two One-hour classes-per-week.
– One private or semi-private lesson-per-month, by appointment
– 10% discount on Asian World Martial Arts equipment
– Family discounts
– Small class sizes
– Military, law enforcement, Boy Scout and Girl Scout discounts
– 10% discount on tutoring for children
– Free monthly parenting seminar with discounts on parenting classes and parental consulting services.

Master David Hartsook is a third generation martial artist who has practiced the martial arts for over 28 years. He holds multiple blackbelts in Tae Kwon Do, Jujitsu, Ninjutsu, and is a fifth-degree in Red Dragon Kempo Karate and an instructor in MMA. He has been offering private lessons for the last few years. He has now realized his dream and has opened his own martial arts academy in Jacksonville, Florida.

He has also engaged himself in volunteer work with the Boys and Girls Clubs in Gainesville over the last few years and The Children’s Home in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Additionally, Master Hartsook has trained US special forces units in martial arts techniques, worked as a private body guard, and was a state institutional officer in Florida.

  • Once upon a time says:

    I thought it was going to be a good school. The teacher was out of shape. That should have been a flag. I was there 5 months and some odd days. I took brazillian jujitsu and mma classes. I tapped out this so called black belt. So our relationship changed for the worse. He also cheated me out of money.

    I went to a submission wrestling competition and found out that I was ill prepared. On top of that my own instructor wouldn’t even support me through the whole comp even when I made it to the finals. I didn’t even use any bjj. I relied solely on my high school wrestling ability.

    Point is, if you really want to fight or get into shape go to a real class or gym. I now train at DEADGAME. I put in more work in my first day than I did the whole 5 months at america martial arts academy. Dave Hartsook is a quack.

  • Faithful Student says:

    I have been training at AMAA for almost 2 years. All of the programs are taught with high quality and worth the money. The instructors really try to tailor fit programs to individuals fitness levels and goals. The MMA and BJJ programs have awarded the school with NAGA accreditation and medals/trophies. I compete in no gi juijitsu sub wrestling and consistently place. The fight club offers a way for thoes who are willing to put forth the effort can get all the support they need.

  • Jason says:

    Dave Hartsook is a liar. I attended one of his classes for the BJJ. When I asked Dave Hartsook what the name of his instructor was, he explained to me (very belligerently, I might add) that he had been training in the martial arts for over 30 years and he didn’t need an instructor! Please understand that my cousin is a purple belt under the Machado’s and my cousin insists that if I join a BJJ school, to make sure that the instructor is legit… as in CERTIFICATIONS. When I asked Dave Hartsook about his BJJ credentials, he became even angrier and insisted on starting the class. Dave Hartsook then taught a class in BJJ that had absolutely nothing to do with BJJ. It was embarrassing. After the class, Dave Hartsook and I rolled and I tapped him twice in as many minutes. I understand that people can get tapped and it’s all a part of training but Dave Hartsook went ballistic! He accused me of cheating and started to scream at me that I wasn’t allowed to use the arm bar technique from the guard! At that point, I got up and gathered my things and promptly left.

    There are plenty of BJJ schools right around that area that have REAL BRAZILIAN JIU JITSU BLACK BELTS. Students beware of this Fraud Dave Hartsook… it is a HUGE red flag when you ask the instructor for his credentials and they get mad! Dave (the Joke) Hartsook is a fraud and a liar and should be avoided at all costs!

  • Mike Howard says:

    Green belt with you,kicking Brown Belts butts in Tampa.Thans for the training

  • Art War says:

    ^Mike Howard is “Master Dave” lol you can look up a review on about this fake.

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