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Cummings Combat Sambo Mixed Martial Arts Academy

Cummings Combat Sambo MMA Academy along with Team American Sambo is located in Panama City Beach, Florida, with a 2,700 sq. ft. training facility. The main focus of training is under the Sambo system of ground fighting. Other styles such as Sambo, Judo, and Muay Thai are mixed into the training by Chief Instructor Carlos Cummings. Training consists of both conditioning of physical endurance and fighting skills through exercise and practical hands on work of the techniques. Through the course of training students will be subjected to intense cardio workout sessions followed up by continuous non-stop grappling sessions. Students are encouraged to learn at their own pace and develop the skills required of them with a high degree of proficiency.

At Cummings Combat Sambo, we will train each individual as an individual. We will train our students by motivating and encouraging each student so as to give them a true sense of accomplishment. They will be challenged in a healthy and rewarding manner. We try to get to know our students on a personal level and maximize their results by applying student specific motivation. Our service will be of the highest quality and we will try to meet or exceed the students expectations in every encounter with us. Our students will be given the environment that helps develop individuals into leaders. We will do everything in our power to give the students the knowledge and skills to succeed in both the martial arts and in their daily life accomplishments with in themselves.

  • Mike Prat says:

    Pretty good gym. Nice People to train with Carlos is a funny coach trains good while telling jokes. A good person to be around.

  • Mike Bradford says:

    AWESOME!! Gym:>) The guy’s their are great! Carlos is a Coach that understands what’s going on.Cardio! Cardio!
    CARDIO!! If you don’t have the Cardio you screwed! Training and learning is a big part also.I will tell more
    people about this school Cummings Combat Sambo MMA

    Mike Bradford,

  • Johny says:

    Great school. Carlos know’s his stuff. Good coach, great help there, too. I found the people there very supportive and kind.

  • William Summary says:

    Well just visited Cummings Sambo Academy in Panama City. Here my take on it. (Ho Le Crap!)Holy Sh*t it was AWESOME! I tell you what you have to be in shape! CARDIO! Dude! Cardio! Great Training! That’s all I can say!

  • Wayne Mayer says:

    Carlos is a Awesome Guy! Great Seminar’s teaches a lot!!
    Sambo is Different for me B/c I’m Bjj But after training in Sambo WOW! It’s a Eye opener!! I going to travel to his school this summer to train.

  • Katie Branham says:

    I took TKD at the same school for 4 years, then tried the SAMBO classes. I LOVED this class, it was fun, always new, very challenging, and I learned TONS even I only attended for a month and a half. The classes were for ages 18+, and I even have other women to roll with! Learning from Mr. Carlos actually inspired me to find a SAMBO school near my own house. This is definitely a MUST TRY class.

  • Jon Sankey says:

    Coach Carlos is amazing! The cardio in this class is world class to say the least. I only had the pleasure of training at this gym for 2 months and I cant wait to go back! I honestly quit because I felt as if I were holding everyone else back. I have been running since January 1st training hard give this gym another shot. . . Do not enter this gym without being in decent shape. Take it seriously.

  • Jim Conner says:

    When I seen this gym it looks like a TKD all around gym but when I walk in OMG!! This guy name Carlos is Crazy! Sambo is Crazy! He was putting me in stuff I never seen.I mean DAM! and I trained in Bjj for 3 years Good School for real just good people training that’s all 8-)

  • Michael Crowley says:

    I trained in sambo just a little it was okay. Then I went to Jiujitsu been training for 2 and a half years now. blue belt I’m in the navy station in panama city florida and when they told me they had a sambo school here My first response was yeah right!then I went over their to see what they were about Some good guys alot of newbies and a few vet’s But the coach was Crazy! you can tell that he trained in sambo somewhere!The way he moved he was good!Black belt level if he was in BJJ at best no higher than that his name was Carlos.Havent been back yet been working alot but it was good the time I went.

  • howard azaga says:

    Man! This dude is a Bad Man! Seriously the best Sambo guy in Florida PERIOD!! he’s a cool coach teaches awesome! Crazy! Crazy! Cardio!! Submissions is nasty! And he is a big! To move that fast. I recommend this gym to everyone! !!

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