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Freestyle Fighting Academy (FFA)- Davie

Freestyle Fighting Academy (FFA), with our location in Broward County (Davie), teaches REAL Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Self-Defense.  Our kickboxing is world class, our wrestling is world class, and our submission grappling is world class.  Why train kickboxing at one gym, jiujitsu at another gym, self defense at another gym…when you can do it all at FFA!  We are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and offer a 30-day free trial, with a 60-day money back guarantee!

Two locations to serve you:

Miami-Dade County
1423 SW 107 Avenue
Miami, FL 33174

Broward County
13678 W State Road 84
Davie, FL 33325

  • Allen says:

    FFA is awesome, great customer service, amazing technique, and Mike Bernhard is AWESOME as a fighter and coach! Go FFA!

  • Armando Martinez says:

    I met Mike Bernhard at the FFA Miami location and he is a great guy. He taught a portion of our class and he is a very good instructor. Very patient, humorous and specific. FFA rocks.

  • Graham Stanley says:

    I’m extremely satisfied with my experience here at FFA Davie. I joined to lose weight and learn self defense. I’ve lost 20lbs and have progressed to the CAP program. I can honestly say I feel confident about having to defend myself. At 35 years old this is the first time I can say that. Props to Coach Jorge !!!

  • matt says:

    This gym is horrible. They say that you get 30 days for free but they dont tell you how they train their staff to get you to a sign a contract misleading you into thinking its only 30 days free and they will tear up the contract if you dont like it but then they charge you regardless. furthermore, they have acknowledged that their staff has been misleading but still did not give me back my money. Oh wait theres more. they also train their staff to come up to you and give you kudos right before they get you to sign a contract for years of commitment. They will also promote you to more advanced class and then tell you that you cant train there unless you sign a contract but nothing they give you while your signing up states any of that. Can you get some training there? yes absolutely. will it be top notch? absolutely not. If you like the im in kindergarten pump me ups like you can do it with a thumbs up and a smile then this is the place for you. You are a number here and thats it. I noticed a video of someone that bought the lifetime contract there and then later learned that he doesnt even train there anymore and pays to train somewhere else! what does that tell you about this place? marcos is all about sales and sales only everything else comes second. EVERYONE LEAVES THERE AND I MEAN EVERYONE. their own head instructors are all gone. they are overpriced and take you to court if you dont pay even after having told me that they knew they were in the wrong. this is a waste of space gym i dont suggest anyone go there. also notice that they respond to every bad review saying they are fake profiles!!! kindergarten stuff. just ask arounf go to other gyms first and ask the about ffa and just google the reviews a pleathura of bad reviews on this place. big big noooooo for ffa. ps i am not an imposter i have factual information and dont buy into this im another gym trying ot get business or badmouth you as i have not stated what gym i train at. cheers

  • reinaldo says:

    great gym that focuses on the students. i never did martial arts before. i joined because my son wanted to train. long story but he ended up putting a hold on his training and i kept on going because this place is addictive!!!!! in a good way because i’ve never felt better. im not a spring chicken but i feel like i can roll with the young fellas and my energy levels have felt great along with having lost 22 pounds. i am inspired by coach cesar and coach jorge and coach miguel these guys are awesome. about the 30 day free trial these guys are clear that you can take the 30 days free or u can opt out if u want to get a discount, etc but if u dont want to sign anything and just want to train for a month they let u. Ive taken friends over to check it out for a month without signing and didnt join and had no problems with it. im thankful for this place and plan on staying for a long time.

  • Gene says:


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