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Frontline Fitness and Combat Sports Training

Frontline Fitness and Combat Sports Training in Tampa, Florida, is an advanced training facility applying state-of-the art training methods and exercise science to help you reach your personal goals. This is about you! We individually assess your current fitness/performance status, work with you to set measurable goals, and develop a plan to achieve them. We want you to stay motivated, to have fun and look forward to training, and to get results.

Frontline Fitness offers a systematic approach to get you where you want to be, using cutting edge training approaches, and superior service delivered in a fun, friendly, clean atmosphere. We offer a range of programs, including “FitCamp” group fitness classes; advanced, sport-specific motor skill, strength and conditioning for recreational and elite athletes; and foundational instruction in the exciting sport of mixed martial arts (MMA).

Frontline Fitness offers two Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) programs. Mixed martial arts or MMA is a full contact combat sport employing a range of fighting techniques from traditional and non-traditional martial arts. The rules allow the use of striking (e.g., punching and kicking) and grappling techniques (e.g., submissions, holds, chokes), both while standing and on the ground. It is an exciting sport and has one of the fastest growing audiences in the world.

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  • Daniel I says:

    Joining Frontline Fitness has been one of the best decisions of my life! Jeremy and the instructors are fun and easy to talk to which is a refreshing change from a traditional Gym. I took advantage of the free session since I wasn’t sure if MMA and condition training was right for me but it has been great ever since. The workout is intense but the atmosphere is fun and the Environment is safe and clean. I highly recommended Frontline Fitness to everyone whether you’re into Mixed Martial arts or not.

  • J_ROUST! says:

    Great experience. Very experienced and attentive staff that know how to get you shredded. Would recommend to anyone who wants to make a life change for the better.

  • Delorean Williams says:

    FrontLine is one of the best gyms i’ve ever been too. I am a pretty fit individualbut still got my ass kicked. The owner is the BEST and the COOLEST. Join for an all around great experience.

  • Fabio says:

    this place is amazing,granted i’ve only been there a couple of times. first moment i stepped foot inside this gym i decided i was going to join. it’s like a family everone helps each other out. the trainers are nice but at the same time strict but in a good way. the coaches know what they are doing, and share there knowledge in a way that keeps from getting lost and they keep you motivated. i don’t want this to sound like another generic comment so i’m going to just say this now. join this place fat,unfit,lazy,scronny; they destroy that person and you come out being able to fight and in top shape. recommend every one join. im17 and love this place

  • Shogun says:

    I have practice martial arts all my life. I have been to other gyms where they claim to work hard and found myself bored…

    I was dragged to Frontline on a Saturday by one of my best friends but I really didn’t have any expectations; boy I was wrong!!! This guys are awesome!!!!! they keep you engaged and there is always something new to learn. My work schedule has always been an inconvenient and a excuse for me not to workout, but Frontline is so flexible that even I can workout again!!!

    You have to check this guys out, the couches are pretty cool and easy to talk to and they will work with you to reach your goals.

    Want to feel better about yourself? well… do something about it!!.

    Mauricio “Shogun”

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