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Kenpo Karate & Kickboxing Center

Since 1995, the Kenpo Karate & Kickboxing Center has offered the highest level of martial arts training available in the Tallahassee, Florida area. With a focus on practical and street-effective self defense, our certified instructors can help you get in shape, raise your self-confidence and teach you how to defend yourself. We offer classes in kenpo, modern arnis (Filipino stick fighting), self-defense, kickboxing and, for children, kenpo and self-defense.

We are an affiliate of Master’s Self Defense Centers based out of Boston, Massachusetts. Our curriculum is overseen by Professor Robert Nohelty, an 8th degree blackbelt with over 40 years of martial arts experience. Professor Nohelty presents twice-yearly seminars at the Kenpo Karate & Kickboxing Center and conducts all blackbelt testing for our dojo.

Chief Instructor Jerry Ingle (6th DAN) is a 6th degree blackbelt with over 25 years of martial arts experience and is a certified fitness instructor. He is a 21-year veteran of the United States Navy retiring as a senior chief. He instructed Seabees in hand-to-hand combat and was a certified firearms instructor. He taught tactical communications and survival to the SEALS and other specialized units. Master Ingle taught combat survival as a SERE instructor as well. As a youth, he earned the rank of Eagle with the Boy Scouts of America and does volunteer survival training with the Boy Scouts.

The Kenpo Karate & Kickboxing Center dojo is a 2,500 square foot facility conveniently located near the back entrance of the Tallahassee Mall on Allen Road. We offer plenty of front door parking and are accessible via public transportation. The 1,900 square foot workout area is equipped with 20 free-standing bags and an assortment of hand and foot pads, speed bag and other training equipment to enhance your workout. We keep in stock martial arts apparel and accessories including t-shirts, gi’s, shoes, gloves and other items.

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