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Legacy Fitness/Mejiro Gym USA

Legacy Fitness/Mejiro Gym USA, located in Winter Park, Florida, offer classes in Cardio Boxing and Cardio Kickboxing, Basic and Advanced Muay Thai for all ages as well as Private Training. We also have a full assortment of free weights, machines and treadmills to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Why Legacy Fitness Mejiro Gym USA? The dictionary defines Legacy as something handed down. This is how the world famous Mejiro Gym got its start. In the early1970’s Holland kickboxing pioneer Jan Plas was a practitioner of Kyokushin Karate.

Jan Plas made a training visit to Japan to see his Sensei Kurosaki. Sensei Kurosaki had by this time become somewhat famous as he was the trainer of Fujiwara and Shima, these two Japanese fighters gained fame by being the first foreigners to defeat real Thai Champions at Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand. Jan Plas was so impressed with the skill level of Kurosaki’s dojo which was called “Mejiro Gym Tokyo” that he asked for and was given permission by Kurosaki to rename his dojo in Holland as “Mejiro Gym Amsterdam”.

In 1978, Jan Plas moved his school to its present location and the famous “Mejiro Style” was further perfected. Today the Mejiro Gym is one of the most famous Muay Thai gyms in the world. In 1991 Jan Plas handed down the legacy of the Mejiro Gym to Andre Mannaart.

The history of the Mejiro Gym reads like a who’s who of Thai Boxing. Just a few of the Real World Champions that have come from the Mejiro Gym are Lucien Carbin, Johan Vos, Bert van Os, Andre Brilleman, Milo el Geubli, Bob Schreiber, Fred Royers, Tommy van de Berg. Other famous Mejiro Gym World Champions are:

* Rob Kaman known around the world as a living legend and a guy that won more World Titles than anyone.
* Peter Aerts 3 times K1 Champion.
* Remy Bonjaski 3 times K1 Champion.
* Andy Souwer 2 times K1 Max Champion.
* And World Champion Andre Mannaart.

Today we have 6 Mejiro Gym Locations around the world but only one in America that is recognized as having legitimate ties to Amsterdam and Tokyo. In 2008, Bobby Robare was given a diploma signed by Andre Mannaart and bearing the official seal of the Mejiro Gym Japan, making Bobby his official representative in America.

Why Legacy Fitness Mejiro Gym USA? Because we are more than just a gym for fight training. We are a fitness facility were anyone regardless of their fitness level is welcome. We are a direct representative of the famous Mejiro Gym and so the Legacy continues.

  • davis says:

    When i first herd of this gym they had a decent amount of muay thai classes, but later i found out that they have gotten rid of most of them in place of cardio classes and only have 2 muay thai classes out of the week for people that want to learn basic muay thai. Not to mention that that there muay thai classes are at 7:45 pm and most people have work then. The other 3 muay thai classes they offer are [invitation only]. It is to bad that this gym took this turn because they have some of the best teachers in the US and I was really looking forword to joining. I hope they change this,in the mean time im going to join ATT or Gracie .

  • tdog says:

    ummm…. i go to this gym and they have a lot more MT classes them that…you’re wrong bro! This gym is great for MT!

  • Jack says:

    Bobby Robare teaches Mejiro at Alliance Orlando (also the best jiujitsu look them up)

    The best Muay Thai you’ll find

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