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Otaku MMA

At Otaku MMA, our school will reincorporate less mainstream techniques and philosophies with current trends and remind practitioners of the importance of open-mindedness and integrity. We emphasize finesse over brutality. We acknowledge the existence of human vulnerability and close those gaps as much as possible. Our curriculum includes JKD concepts, TKD, folk & catch wrestling, muay thai, wing chun, karate, panantukan, arnis, kali, escrima, dumog, BJJ and Sambo.

Overall, we know that there is no one perfect style or technique, so we therefore encourage the search for knowledge and value its application in our school among friends. It is better to suffer in the school amongst friends, so that you may survive in the streets and be ready for anything in competition.

Otaku MMA is located at the City of Oviedo Aquatic Facility in Oviedo, Florida.

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