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Red Dragon Martial Arts

At Red Dragon Martial Arts, we don’t just build Black Belts; we build strong individuals, with great abilities. Offering instruction in Kyukido, Hapkido, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA, Muay Thai, Capoeira, Kenpo, Tae Kwon Do, Self Defense, World Wide Assault Prevention. Red Dragon Martial Arts has been growing and spreading the word of Kyuki-Do and Hapki-Do ever since. We participate in local tournaments, and perform demonstrations, and seminars at various locations around the Pensacola area. We give thanks to UWF, local churches, and the Riviera Fitness Center for those opportunities.

Red Dragon Martial Arts Martial Arts has been teaching Kyuki-Do, Hapki-Do, and Self Defense in Pensacola, Florida, since 2001. Eric Conley Started building a committed Kyuki-Do school in March 2001, teaching in a local Park in North East Pensacola. We give thanks to Peoples 1st Community Bank on Creighton Rd. for allowing us to use their conference room for testing and seminars until we had our own location. ?After only four months Red Dragon Martial Arts started demonstrations, seminars, and car washes to build the school name, and get into our own building. In August of 2001, our Dojang opened its doors inside the University Mall. Classes were great, but due to overhead costs, we decided to move our Dojang to the Bayview Community Center in Oct 2002.

We have been growing in numbers, building Black Belts, and strong committed Students. We are always looking for new Students who want to try out class, learn how to protect them selfs, rank in the Martial Arts, or even reach Black Belt status, and become a Kyuki-Do Instructor. We offer a great way to get into shape, occupy time, and learn about one’s potential.

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