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Tiger & Dragon Boca

We teach Tracy’s Kenpo karate and Shootfighting / MMA under the direction of Bart Vale. Private and group classes for men, women and children.  Strength for the Mind, Body and Spirit- Tiger & Dragon Boca teaches Tracy’s kenpo karate and Shootfighting men, women and children programs private and group classes.


– Increase your strength and Flexibilty

– Martial arts gives you a greater feeling
of self confidence

– improve concentration and focus

– Learn to recognize and avoid dangerous situation

– Learn real world self-defense

– Inner strength and self control

– Exercise to improve cardiovascular
and overall health.
Lose weight, get in shape.

– Programs for the whole family.  Make new friends in a safe, fun and exciting environment.

– Life skills for the dojo and beyond.

We Offer

– Introductory Programs

– Instruction for Men, Women and Children

– Private lesson and group classes

– Traditional Kenpo Karate and Shootfighting

– Events / Seminars

– Special Family rates

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