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Wrecking Ball Fight Facility

Located in Volo, Illinois, the Wrecking Ball Fight Facility is the premier martial arts school in the Midwest. We offer classes for adults and children in Muay Thai, BJJ, MMA, Boxing and Wrestling. The Wrecking Ball Fight Facility provides a program and location that is safe, functional and practical for all students who wish to participate in martial arts, self defense or full contact fighting. Each student, no matter their experience or skill level, will train as a fighter, conditioning your mind, body and soul in ways you never have imagined. Whether you are looking to get in great shape, trim body fat, learn self defense or engage in full contact fighting, our exceptionally experienced staff will be able to help you reach your goals.

  • Richard Dey says:

    Not only a good place to meet kind people, but also a place you can learn great stand up and ground game. It’s probably the best gym in the area. Former members of ohana and jeff currans gym always seem to find their way to wrecking ball with stories of how they didn’t feel like they hadn’t really been in a school that focused on them actually getting better, many of them felt money was the only reason they were in a class. Overall wrecking ball is just a great place to learn. If you can handle the warm ups…Richard Dey

  • Melissa says:

    Great Muay Thai and BJJ programs and instructors, plenty of mat space and tons of equipment (bags, focus mitts, thai pads, belly pads), cage, locker rooms, weight room. Training is intense. My only wish is that there were other women in the BJJ program.

  • Daniel Larusso says:

    This gym does not offer karate. Which is a major flaw if you wanna score awesome babes like Ali Mills, Kumiko, or Jessica Andrews. But I guess if you wanna learn real asskickory and quality MMA, and thats your thing, then sure Wrecking Ball is for you. But I’ll stick with the crane kick and other hot moves.

  • Tim says:

    Outstanding training center. The enthusiasm of the instructors is infectious and they make the atmosphere very non-intimidating for beginners. Staff does a great job of catering to both high-level competitors, as well as regular folks just trying to get in shape. Clientele is respectful of one another and there definitely is a team mentality. Highly recommend this gym for anyone, regardless of skill level.

  • Anthony says:

    Testimonial: Before I came to Wrecking Ball I was always getting in trouble with the law, fighting, drinking, smoking, and talking back to my Mom. After 1 year…… I still do those things; ‘cuz let’s face it, those things are cool! ­čÖé

    Other than that, my game improves all the time thanks to the great instructors, I stay in great shape, and I really enjoy training with the other members. There is a great camaraderie that most gyms just don’t have, and no ego or intimidating crap.

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