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Method Jiu-Jitsu & Mixed Martial Arts

Method Jiu-Jitsu & Mixed Martial Arts in Forest Hill, Maryland, has a professional and safe environment with a 5:1 student to teacher ratio.  We offer a variety of Mixed Martial Art’s classes such as Jiu-jitsu, Kickboxing, Grappling, Submission Wrestling, Street Self Defense and Kids Jiu-jitsu Classes!  We are positive we will have a class and a tuition that is perfect for you! Come in and try it out free for one week!

Our new facility is equiped with five Thai Bags, two Tear Drop Bags, two Boxing Bags, and a Wrecking Ball, over 2000 square feet of Swain/Dollamur Flexi Roll Mats, over 50 feet of padded walls and two heavy tires for our Team Training.  We also have a private viewing room with storage cubes for gym bags, and a pro shop with Team Method Gear and MMA equipment.

  • will says:

    do not go there. you will not be learning bjj. there are no professional fighters that train at this gym. there are much better schools for less the price than this school in Maryland. look up lloyd irvin or ground control- dont go to this one.

  • Mike says:

    Haters gonna hate. As much as everyone says we don’t teach BJJ and go to those other schools… whenever we compete against those other schools… we win. So, keep hating and keep losing. If you want to train and actually learn something, come here. If you want to say “I train under (insert fighter here)” yet never win, go elsewhere.

  • dave says:

    I read wills review and decided since method was so close to my house that I would see for myself. Well I did see and Iam sorry but either will is on crack or has a very distorted view of mma/bjj/anything because method is very legit! I took the beginner jj class and then sat in on the advanced class. If its not bjj I dont know what is…..I approached the owner Eddie afterwards and asked if they had a muay thai class also, (which by the way is one of the coolest guys I have ever met, the whole method group was very nice and friendly). Long story short I took the muay thai class and then the mma class afterwards. Every class was awesome and full of information. I asked Eddie (the owner) if they had any fighters, he said no professional as of yet but about 10-12 ammy’s. Which I know is true because I met all of them! I then asked who he was under because he had a brown belt on in the jj class, he is a brown under Paulo jensen(who is a blackbelt in Bjj under Leo Vieria). My guess is that will either is from a rival school in the area and is getting twisted info which by the way I looked up the local LLoyd Irvin school called topflight mma. Went by there. pretty cocky group of people, very rude and skillwise I wasnt impressed. Also topflight is more expensive. Also I attended a tournement called the North American Grappling championship and a method guy destroyed a topflight guy FAST, then a ground control guy FAST. Pretty funny considering he was only a white with three or four stripes and the topflight guy (I would’nt know about the ground control guy/ never been there) had a blue belt on in class when I went to check them out and had a white on in the tournament later…….. In closing I would Highly recommend Method to anyone in the area or areas surrounding!

  • Jimmy says:

    Yea the only person that is on crack is dave. Method is nowhere near as good as Topflight or ground control Point Blank period! Secondly cocky and rude? yea you never got the chance to train with Ron Stallings cause thats definitely false. So yea I agree with Will if you want some real training from instructors that have actually won on the top level Dont go to method go to either a team Lloyd Irvin gym or Ground Control

  • Steve says:

    Not only is Method a great place to train, get workouts and learn but it is surrounded by a great enviroment of people that know what they are doing. Its no wonder why they DESTROY Ground controls fighters and TopFlights. Its more personal and a great place to get as close to one on one as you can get. From Basic, to advanced they know what they are doing. The Owner Eddie is the reason the place is great. He knows what hes doing, doesnt skip steps and builds anyone who is interested in training there. Check it out for a workout or to take you to the next level, its the real deal.

  • Ghost says:

    The owner eddie is the reason the place is great steve? No, Eddie is the reason why that place will fail. Their program is a joke and so are their fighters. Just about all of their fights go the same way. Their fighters only win fights against people with losing records or who people who can’t wrestle or have zero ground game, not to mention they’ve been open for several years and they haven’t produced a single pro. What sickens me more is their new facility is actually really awesome looking and its in the hands of a complete novice like eddie abney. Sad to say but as long as they can keep manipulating people with their amazing gift of gab, they’re gonna keep robbing people of their money.

  • Raven Nurse says:

    Haters will certainly hate. Here is what I have learned about the art of learning MMA. The lineage for which you learn is extremely important. 4th and 5th generation MMA instructors (Gracie type) sound great but offer little. Eddie comes from CSW and has shown an ability to pass what he has learned to adult learners as well as children. Llyod Irvin from what I hear has a few legal troubles. Method is a family type atmosphere that delivers on quality education. I promise, if you attend Method you will not be sorry. These ass clowns talking smack must be from competitive gyms or gotten submitted by Eddie himself. BTW…these records easily obtainable. I suggest going to do the free week at Method, then look up Eddies fight to see exactly how he fairs. You’ll be happy. Next look up the competitors and notice their ties to criminals and criminal activity in their gyms. A simple Google search will show you what you need to know. Case Closed…I win…nothing follows!! Google and see if I am right!!

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