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Filipino Mixed Martial Arts (FMMA)

Filipino Mixed Martial Arts (FMMA), located in Las Vegas, Nevada, was recognized in 2006 as a Filipino Fighting System and is a mixture of several Martial Art Systems from Wing Chun, JKD, KickBoxing, Kenpo, Aikido, Grappling, Eskrima, Arnis and Kali (Stick and Knife fighting) plus several other martial arts.  This unique fighting system combines the most important aspect of Filipino Kali/Eskrima and Arnis de Mano, using modified forms of Balintawak, Doce Pares Eskrima, Illustrisimo, Manaois System and Comjuka- Kali.

FMMA focuses on technique, footwork and cardiovascular. These are achieved by our Eskrima, Grappling and Empty hand drills. FMMA students grapple 5 days a week and spar with weapons and empty hand at least 3 times per week. FMMA students constantly test their techniques to make sure that they can use them in a real life situation. FMMA would have never been developed with out the knowledge of the past and present Masters and Grand Masters. For that, we thank you!

FMMA has taken this knowledge and concepts to make them more effective in the world we live in today. Come and take a free class and see how Filipino Mixed Martial Arts will change your life and the way you train. No politics! No egos! Just everyone learning and training with each other. Come join our team today.

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