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American Jiu-Jitsu Centers

American Jiu Jitsu Centers in St. James, New York, offers American Jiu Jitsu, which is a scenario base art, dealing with street situations. American Jiu Jitsu is broken down into 3 topics:  A.J.J Free Fighting Self Defense – Teaches to deal with the Street attacker both trained or untrained; A.J.J Stand up Self Defense- Teaches to deal with the Self Defense situations from grabs, weapons & law Enforcement Tactics; Submission Grappling- Teaches to deal Self-defense from all Ground situations- Our goal is develop Mind Body Unification!

By Training at American Jiu Jitsu Centers you will be The BEST you can be! Our introductory trial offer is designed to give you a chance to come in and visit our school, meet our instructors and find out the benefit of learning the martial arts.

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