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Buffalo Training Center

Buffalo Training Center (BTC) is proud to be Western New York’s premier Mixed Martial Arts facility.  We offer a multitude of classes and programs in the effort of raising the overall knowledge of martial arts and health in the community.  We have a competitive team and classes for the general public.  No matter what your skill level, there is a place for you at Buffalo Training Center.

At BTC, we believe that no person should be lied to.  Everyone deserves to know the truth, and that is exactly what we offer you.  By practicing mixed martial arts, you will be led on a path of self discovery.  In our gym, you overcome obstacles and are forced to work around barriers that previously held you back, physically and mentally.

We do not push competition on anyone, however we host a very competitive BJJ and MMA team, as well as other combat sports teams.  If you are looking to test yourself against others, we will prepare you.

  • Peter Dunbar says:

    By far, the best equipment, best maintained, best facility, [Over 3,000 sq ft of zebra mats!] All instructors can talk the talk, but they also walk the walk. Best form of self defense available because it uses all forms of martial arts. They just don’t call themselves an MMA facility, they actually are one. I would give it ten out of ten.

  • Chris Robinson says:

    This is by far the best martial arts gym i have ever trained at. I know that what they teach is practical and realistic because we practice everything we learn on resisting opponents. They teach all aspects of the martial arts from a well configured hybrid strike program, to wrestling/judo/takedowns, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu on the ground. I know, without a doubt that the Buffalo Training Center offers the best Martial Arts/MMA program anywhere near here.

  • mark says:

    I’ve trained all of the area bjj and mma gyms, but this is by far the best. Great positive attitudes from the instructors that can actually teach unlike at some of the other places. Not only that this is the only place around where the coaches actually fight and compete. The gym itself is top notch too. My favorite class is bjj, matt’s a great instructor and knows the sport inside and out.

  • Reggie says:

    This gym is a mcdojo. Muay Thai rankings with sweat bands? Jiu-Jitsu being taught by a blue belt? MMA being taught by a kung fu fighter? Go to another gym and avoid this one.

  • Jordan Rank says:

    reggie, its not about the rank, its about the experience, and these guys have a substantial amount of it. good place to go if you are interested in non classical and proggresive learning. not only are the instructors legit, so is the equipment. they dont push competition, so its a stress free environment. they also have high quality conditioning equipment if you are just looking for a good workout. one of the better gyms ive been to.

  • John J. says:

    @ Mark, unfortunately Matt no longer teaches the BJJ program at BTC and has moved on, it was the only good thing there. The sweatbands for ranking Muay Thai is a total joke and is true, can’t say I’d go there again after I learned of Matt leaving. Nice facility but I’d rather train in places where they put the money where it really matters – quality instruction.

  • Zack says:

    This gym is great. The instructors all have positive attitudes and respect toward everyone. The instruction is great too. I learn new things every day i train there.The facility is very clean, the equipment is high quality and very well taken care of. Dont listen to the guy named reggie above. He has no idea what hes talking about.

  • Steve says:

    The gym looks great and the instructors are nice and all, but the stuff they teach and the way the teach it is not very good. I’ve been able to train at a few other gyms around the country and in Buffalo that have better instruction. Plus it’s a long drive from where I live in Buffalo.

  • Dan says:

    their instructor has a losing mma record (7-9) against guys with a total record of 42-43-1

  • Nick says:

    Their head instructor is also the ONLY Pro MMA fighter who coaches in Buffalo. He’s by far the most experienced MMA coach in Buffalo. He goes out and learns everything he can by fighting tough fighters, including a UFC fighter. Then he brings that knowledge back to the students at BTC. Dan, does your coach have any Pro Fights?

  • Sasha Palatnikov says:

    Buffalo Training Center is 100% the best gym in Western N.Y with incredible facilities and instructors who show only respect towards all members of the community. BTC are always pushing to create a positive atmosphere throughout the gym whether you are a fighter or just looking to stay in shape. They train all aspects of MMA to Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing and Wrestling. If you are looking to join the fighters circuit you will have ample opportunities to train with some of the best in Canada and compete all over the east-coast!

  • Brian says:

    Great place to learn. Our instructor might be a blue belt, but we are affiliated with a black belt omar salvosa who teaches our instructors everything they know. Everyone hating on us is just a rival gym. No big deal.

  • Steve says:

    This is by far the best MMA gym in WNY. Quality instructors with a true love for Martial Arts. These guys not only instruct but they get in there and fight as well. The owner, Jason, is wearing many hats, running the gym, coaching, fighting, cornering and managing. It is easy to take pot shots at this guy, but he makes no money. He does it because he loves the sport and he wants to try to make something good happen in WNY. Spend one hour talking to him and you see what a genuine martial artist is. He may not have a winning record, but he is young and he keeps improving. He has a great attitude, and I would rather be trained by someone who knows how to handle himself with integrity while dealing with adversity than half the other people I know of in this sport. As for calling it a McDojo, because he doesn’t charge ridiculous belt fees. Go ahead to Chongs and pay $5000 for your 8 year old to get a black belt in board breaking.

  • Kyle Rozanski says:

    The Buffalo Training Center is a huge facility with all the training equipment needed for a real MMA gym to benefit its members, and most importantly it is maintained excellently and kept very clean to keep its members safe.

    The coaches are all great people with their own strengths and great personalities. They all also compete in the styles they teach, as well as the other styles being taught at the gym, so you know they have real experience and quality input to add to your training.

    Check out the website for more information, as well as instructor and member competition videos for more proof.

  • Vinnie says:

    The Buffalo Training Center is really a great place to train. Every coach has different strengths which they all pass on to the others in the gym. The classes are well balanced so you learn technique while improving cardio, aggression, and overall skill. The best part of the gym is the attitude of everyone else who trains there. It’s awesome because even if you’re not experienced enough to compete, those who have experience and compete regularly will take the time to work with you.

    Whether you want to compete or you just want to get in shape, The BTC is definitely the best place to go. Nothing negative to say

  • Steven says:

    Buffalo Training Center is an amazing facility. They have professional fighters coaching amateurs and other pro’s. The quality of everything there is outstanding. Its a true team atmosphere and you can walk in there and just feel the relationships between each and every member there. That gym is one of the best things to happen to me, im so glad its there. Martial Artists teaching Martial Artists.

  • tim says:

    dont know much about mma instructor here or what is record is….dont really care. however i have seen there fighter nick dodge fight…he won every round against a very game opponent. he was very technically sound …not much good muay thai in buffalo….this guy is real deal….i would go here for that alone….however i live in west buffalo and know i wouldnt go all the way out to clarence everyday…if there mma instructor “sucks” as bad as nick im sure hes a bad man

  • Mark says:

    Disclosure: I have been to this gym and a few others. I do not train at any gym anymore.

    If I were to have my kid train I might elect for him/her to go to BTC, especially if i lived in the area. The adult programs are definitely lacking with mostly new people in the classes. It has a high turnover rate of students. In a way it now reminds me of a McDojo, Hell it’s located in a mall. The gym is very small, but clean. If i still lived in the area I would choose another gym. just my $.02

  • Caleb says:

    I walked by there on a Saturday and there were 2 people there. That seemed weird to me, wouldn’t saturday be a popular day?

  • Doug says:

    I know a lot of people who used to train at BTC and now have left. They all have the same reasons why they did so, the owner is pretty much a brat and could give 2 craps about you unless you are in his inner circle. Proceed with caution if you are thinking about going there. It will start out fine, but then chances are the owner’s true colors will shine through. Ask Chris Robinson, who posted earlier, what he thinks about the gym now.

  • doug says:

    Their BJJ class is mostly just white belts, which is fine if you are just starting out.

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