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Combat Fighting Systems

Located in Manhattan, Combat Fighting Systems is a modern, reality-based, mixed martial art for self-defense. We have a non-traditional approach to training that emphasizes simplicity. No flowery forms are taught, nor are set techniques designed to counter other techniques. Instead, C.F.S. takes a problem solving approach to self-defense, teaching what should be thought of as freestyle combat.

At C.F.S., people of different backgrounds, with or without previous martial art experience, can learn to defend themselves and improve as individuals. Our goal is to provide top quality marital arts, taught in a relaxed and friendly manner that fosters creativity. Egos are left at the door. While we train for self-defense and do not practice for competition, you may train with this goal in mind, if you like.

C.F.S. training emphasizes constant contact, making use of heavy bags, Thai pads and focus mitts. In class, students work with their training partners on punching, kicking, take downs, grappling and joint locks. Students are always evolving, upgrading their methods of fighting. We train to respond instantly, before a confrontation escalates, always keeping in mind that there are no rules on the street, just survival. The training can be intense at times, but it is a realistic approach to combat/self-defense. Students also work with many different types of weapons, both short and long range.

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