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Garcia Muay Thai

At Garcia Muay Thai, based at Long Island Martial Arts Academy/Combat Fight Club in Massapequa, New York, we understand the needs and challenges that face today’s Martial Arts practitioner. Training in one of the world’s most demanding Martial Arts will bring you to places in which you have never been. You will discover doors upon doors of possibility, and where other people see setbacks and failures, you will learn to see opportunity.

Training in Grandmaster Toddy’s system of authentic Muay Thai will leave you with invaluable self-protection skills, while progressing you into the best physical condition of your life! Your confidence will begin to soar, as you discover just how far you are capable of going! So do not wait another minute – take that step, and call now!

Head Muay Thai Instructor at Combat Fight Club, Kru Anthony Garcia feels he is here to help facilitate your unique journey into what is called “The Muay Thai Experience.” Muay Thai is known the world over as the King of the Martial Arts and the Martial Art of Kings. As you begin your journey, set your personal goals, you will become ecstatic as you overcome your obstacles, whatever they may be. Kru Garcia is here to assist you in becoming a successful Muay Thai Practitioner whether it be for weight loss, learning the art, fitness, strength and conditioning, getting into the best shape of your life, or competition. Invest in your health, invest in your self. You will soon realize why Muay Thai is referred to as the King of the Martial Arts and the Martial Art of Kings.

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