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NuBreed Martial Arts Academy

At NuBreed Martial Arts Academy in Whitestone, New York, we teach Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, Silat and Filipino Kali. Officially recognized by Guro Dan Inosanto (Friend & Bruce Lee protege) as an authentic training center. An exciting alternative to karate, our new facility has over 7,000 square feet with two training floors, official size cage and student lounge.

  • mcDOJO says:

    Its mainly a jkd school, so this is NOT A MMA GYM: They offer other classes like capoeria, MMA, muay thai, Boxing, Kali, BJJ, but those courses are once or twice a week while jkd is everyday,they charge money for the next belt rank test for all the courses that involve rank like jkd,mt and bjj and wing chun….charging for belts?come on…more money for the black belt program too once you get into a certain level…seriously?

    Seems a lil greedy honestly…for the money you’ll be paying here,your better spending it else where that doesnt charge for every little detail….cause everyone that tests here seems to “pass always” after the moneys given to take the test,maybe they charge for everything because its in a rich nicey part of queens huh?……while this place is great for conditioning and staying active if your not into the old school, katas,money for belts and ranks,and a ENTRANCE fee to join,and pay for your first uniform then dont sign here, there are other schools that are so very close by that are better and offer so much more…do your research.

  • Senior Shady says:

    this school has a Strong martial background with certified instructors in every art, they offer world class training under Sifu Francis Fong, Guru Dan inosanto, Siritsu Ajarn Chai, Professor Salem Assli and they hold seminars 2 times a year with each. The instructors are very curteous and professional and make you feel like family. they have trained very good fighters and this school will open your mind to the martial arts. in the long run if your serious about you own progression, and want to become a serious martial artist this school is a definite great choice

  • Diego says:

    This is a great place to train! Wheather you’re preparing for the street or the ring/cage the instructor are friendly & knowledgable so that you will be prepared if or when the time comes. The only draw back is that it is a little pricy but you can learn many different arts & really become a well rounded martial artist

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