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Panza Mixed Martial Arts

The Panza MMA philosophy is to provide a great learning environment where students can train in the most up-to-date combat system available. Panza MMA, located in Glen Cove, New York, is committed to continually improve upon curriculum, training, and teaching methods and stay on the cutting edge of Combat Martial Arts Instruction.

Whether your goal is to learn practical self-defense or to be a professional fighter, Panza MMA offers students the opportunity to do both. Paramount to the Panza MMA curriculum is focus on proper martial arts technique for real world application, full-contact sport martial arts, and safety during training.

Fighters are the best conditioned athletes….they have to be. Combat Martial Artist whether boxer, kick boxer, or MMA combatant, are the only athletes that participate in sports where the object is to physically hurt your opponent more than he hurts you. So as a Combat Martial Artist it is imperative to be in the best possible physical condition. You do not have to be a fighter to train like one…Panza MMA offers you the environment to do either.

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