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The Proving Grounds

The Proving Grounds in Lindenhurst, New York, is Long Island’s newest PRIVATE Boxing/MMA training facility. Our goal at TPG is simple; create a state of the art facility that caters to the needs of the select few who are serious about Boxing/MMA (whether just training or competing).

TPG carries a limited 50 head membership. We call them our Elite 50 (again those serious about their Boxing/MMA training and/or competition). By limiting our membership our Elite 50 will never face an overcrowded gym.

At TPG we allow a few “Fly-by-Nighters” to try out our facility, but they pay our “Pretender Rate” during their trial period. A Pretender is that YaHoO who thinks he/she is all about Boxing/MMA because they just got a wicked new tribal tattoo or UFC tee shirt. These wannabees tend to drift in and out of gyms – never really committing to a “STRICT” training regimen. More often than not a Pretender fizzles out within a few weeks. We find they just get in the way of our more serious gym members, for that reason we carefully screen ALL those who want to be part of our Elite 50 – Contenders.

A Pretender gets one month to PROVE themselves to our team of coaches and current members. In that month TPG decides whether a Pretender is worthy of becoming part of our Elite 50 –Contender Membership. Training habits, training intensity, attendance and trustworthiness are all considered when deciding who becomes part of our Elite 50 membership. Whether you want to compete in Boxing/MMA IS NOT IMPORTANT TO US…training like you want to compete in Boxing/MMA, IS!

Aside from our low monthly training rate, our Elite 50 members have use of our private shower and juice/snack bar where they can make their own training shakes!

TPG has brought together and incredible team of Coaches and Senseis from some of the most sought after Combat Arts; Boxing, Muay Thai, BJJ, Wrestling, Judo, MBC and Karate. Elite 50 members have access to all of these programs (some require additional fees). We truly are your One Stop Shop for all your Boxing/MMA needs.

Walk-ins are welcome but they must be invited via a member or Staff. We charge a $20 walk-in fee at TPG. What… too much? Sorry then make your way over to Curves.

Because our membership is limited, TPG is an 18 & over facility (exceptions must be proven!).

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