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Trinity Boxing Club NYC

Trinity Boxing Club NYC, in Lower Manhattan’s Battery Park City, is a family business where we think of us a club, rather than a boxing gym, where people of all different backgrounds gather and share a common goal – to learn how to fight. Our “fighters” are male and female, adults and kids, young and old, who moonlight as doctors, lawyers, students, teachers, actors and every other profession under the sun. Their “fights” are the ones everyone faces – fear, stress, depression, obesity, etc. The difference is they choose to meet their opponent in the middle of the ring, not backed into a corner. The question isn’t if you’re a fighter, but how good a fighter you are. The answer that brings people to our door is “Not as good as I could be.”

Our job is to teach you how to fight. How to stand on your feet, pick up your hands and defend yourself. We’ll get you into “fighting” shape – mentally, physically and emotionally prepared to take on life’s challenges. Our fighters don’t make their living in the ring, but they’ll live better because of the ring. Lessons learned from boxing have real life applications – developing focus, confidence and determination will help you keep your head when everyone else is losing theirs. In today’s world, it’s important that both your time and money are well spent. Our programs will give you nerves of steel and the guts to go with it. Our members walk in raw beginners and walk out feeling like world champions.

When in Los Angeles, California, please stop by our new gym in Hollywood, Trinity Boxing Club LA!

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