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Warren Levi Karate & Mixed Martial Arts

Warren Levi Karate & Mixed Martial Arts in Lawrence, New York, offers different programs to fit your family’s diverse needs. Whether you’re seeking a fun and exciting activity to further bond your family together or a truly electrifying self-improvement experience, our school features classes for every need. Having members from age 3 and older, it is a program that is available to everyone in our community. Our program will guide you towards greater confidence and discipline as you improve your balance, control and flexibility.

We currently offer instruction in Mixed Martial Arts, Martial Arts Fusion, Krav Maga, Boot Camp, Muay Thai and Brazilian Ju Jitsu. Warren Levi Karate & Fitness is not “just the name” of the karate school (Dojo). Warren Levi is personally present at the Dojo and considers each and every member of the Dojo to be unique and important to him.

Warren Levi Karate & Fitness offers mixed martial arts, but specializes in the traditional style of Shotokan Karate. The specialization in a traditional style of karate enables one to develop co-ordination, discipline, balance and timing. An added benefit of taking part in karate as a sport is the accompanying weight loss and improved body definition. Adults and children, irrespective of age, do not need to be fit or athletic or even coordinated to start karate.

This sport can be particularly beneficial to children. The discipline required in Shotokan Karate and the striving to improve one’s ability can raise the energy levels of a lethargic child or burn off excess energy in a hyperactive child. Each belt is acquired only after certain specific specialized skills have been mastered. Belts are not randomly handed out in quick succession as this is a temporary means of boosting one’s ego. Earning a belt enables a person to learn discipline and to feel a sense of achievement and accomplishment and improved concentration.

Give yourself and your family the gift of better health, increased confidence, greater focus, and good sportsmanship — keys to success that you’ll see reflected not only in the training area but also in the classroom and the workplace.

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