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Waterman’s Martial Arts

Waterman’s Martial Arts is where tradition meets the cutting edge! Located in Oneida, New York, Waterman’s Martial Arts is based in Shotokan Karate, although other martial arts, both hard and soft, are used to build upon it. The basic idea is that if it works and is practical, it will be used. The system consists of technique, kata (forms), self-defense, sparring, and physical training. The goal of the instructor and school is to encourage personal growth, self-discipline, confidence, and physical fitness. The program is suited to be adaptable to all age groups, and allows for change based on the individual’s abilities. Classes are held year round. The school is an affiliate to the Zen-Do Kai International system. This system is recognized world wide and is highly revered.

In addition to Karate, Waterman’s Martial Arts offers the following programs:

Extreme Conditioning: Martial Arts isn’t for everyone, but the physical principles they are built upon can help anyone. This course is designed for one purpose… to surpass your limits. Whether you are an athlete looking for an extra edge, or someone wanting to reach the peak of physical prowess this course will help. The benefit of this course in comparison to other extreme fitness courses offered is that the martial arts background helps teach proper practices to help minimize risk of injury and maximize results.

Self-Defense Class: Divided into four tiers, each a week a piece, this takes the excellent self-defense system found in the karate program and gives you a crash course in defending yourself. Currently open only to women, it is a must for those curious about defending themselves and what it entails.

Kickboxing: If you are looking for just a good workout, this is for you. Kickboxing is increasingly gaining popularity for its quick fitness results. This course provides an intense cardio workout with an emphasis on proper technique. There is use of heavy bags, training pads, and sparring drills. The goal of this course is to get and keep you in shape. Good for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. Sparring is optional for those who want a some contact.

Capoeira: A Brazillian martial art where the fighting was disguised in a dance. It is a very physically intense art and advanced levels incorporate significant acrobatics. However, anyone can participate in the game at a basic level. It is very fast paced and provides a unique challenge to even the most impressive of athletes. If you are looking for something different and want to try something fun, this is for you.

MMA: Mixed Martial Arts is one of the fastest growing sports today due to popular programs like UFC. This course brings what you see in the ring to you. Focusing on ground work and proper technique, you can learn what you see on television safely, effectively, and without the eventual brain damage of being hit in the skull repeatedly.

Waterman’s Martial Arts also offers a wide range of other classes to help promote health, fitness, and personal growth. Regardless of age, ability, or interest we are proud to say that you should find something that suits your personal tastes. While the karate is the backbone of the school, each program has been articulated to promote the maximum ability of the student. One of our mottos is never to accept good as good enough. As long as the school stands, the instructors and students will constantly push to improve both themselves and the curriculum.

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