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Westchester Fight Club

At Westchester Fight Club MMA Academy and Ultimate Fitness Center, located in New Rochelle, New York, we have classes for everyone: Women’s Cardio Kickboxing, Self Defense, and Yoga Classes; Children’s Taekwondo and MMA Programs: Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Wrestling and Judo Classes for Adults.

People are coming to Westchester Fight Club with all kinds of goals – to compete, to win, to turn pro, to lose 10, 20, 50 pounds, to gain self-respect, or to just have a fun time getting and staying in shape. Here our coaches, trainers, and students work together to ensure that everyone is reaching their potential and meeting or exceeding their individual goals.

  • Mike says:

    Hands down best MMA gym in Westchester. The facility and trainers don’t get any better. A full MMA cage, 2 large mat areas, and a weight section.

  • Pat says:

    Beautiful facilities with a ton of room! I was passing through town and came in to get in some training. I went to a BJJ and an MMA class. Both were great classes with good instruction. There was plenty of time for rolling; I get annoyed when schools don’t give time for live rolling.

    The other students were well-trained/skilled and friendly. (It didn’t seem like there were big egos or maniacs trying to hurt someone–everyone was there to get better.) There was a Muay Thai class and it looked like those guys were working hard and I was told that a few guys were training for fights. I wish I was in town longer and able to try more classes or step in their cage. If I lived in the area, it would be a great gym to join.

  • Pat says:

    The facilities are absolutly amazing and everything is brand spanking new and the owner is a really nice guy. The instruction is so so- the mma program is headed by a local no-name with questionable skills who’s biggest claim to fame was getting knocked out on a TUF season and the place is a haven for the casual fight fan that wants to train “ufc” and mean mug you when training. The parking is inconvenient but the cost to train is pretty reasonable.

    Jungle Gym New Roc and Main St Boxing both have better insruction.

  • Amanda says:

    I’ve looked at a lot of MMA gyms in Westchester and the Bronx, WFC stands out for it’s clean, new equipment, MMA conditioning classes, weight room and laid-back atmosphere. The instructors are amazing and are comfortable working with fighters at every level. The price is comparable to other gyms, which makes it a better deal since you get use of the facilities.

  • This gym is amazing!! The working environment is great the training is intense the coaches are down to earth all around great people who constantly push you to do better than what you can coming here was honestly the best decision I had ever made

  • Danny says:

    This place is the best there will ever be I aware to it!!!

  • Lou says:

    Westchester Fight Club by far has one of the better facilities around. The cost is very reasonable for what is available to you everyday with no limit, unless you choose private sessions. The muay thai instruction is very good, DJ is the instructor, he has a ton of knowledge and professional fight experience. The owner Mike is also the conditioning trainer and professional fighter as well. His conditioning sessions are top notch, equal or better to what many well known pro mma fighters use. The boxing instructor is Danny “Joey” Valle, who is a pro boxer and undefeated at 5-0, his knowledge is very deep, and he is a great trainer to work with. The jiu jitsu is also a great program, and their is plenty of mat space to roll.Their newest program is the MMA. It’s taught by local professional MMA fighter Mike Stewart. First off, I have had the pleasure of taking his classes, and the guy is Extremely knowledgable all around. He comes from a wrestling background where his skills can be put against the best in the world, along with his jiu jitsu. I didn’t realize how many achievements this guy had until I started to look him up… He has numerous NAGA wins and championship, won many jiu jitsu tournaments, he has a credible resume. The guy Pat who posted the comment doesn’t seem to know too much about MMA if he is making comments like that.. And I don’t think his claim to fame is getting knocked out on TUF 8, at least he made it to the show. Nobody from Jungle Gym or Main St Boxing have even come close. I feel the need to defend this because I do take the classes, and the popularity of his classes and him is growing everyday. I also just found out that Mike Stewart is Ranked # 1 Light Heavy Weight in the New England Region. Overall, Westchester Fight Club has all the tools anyone will need, whether it’s strength/conditioning to get in shape, or to prepare for a fight, or learning to box, or roll in jiu jitsu, or if you wanna become an MMA fighter, the training is all there for you.

    Congrats to Mike and the whole staff! The school is growing!!

    See you guys in class!

    Big Lou.

  • Ramon says:

    Westchester Fight Club has the best fitness program I have come across, without a doubt. Traditional gyms are boring, but WFC has a variety of classes that keep your body and mind guessing what’s next.

    Between the strength and conditioning and Muay Thai classes, I have seen tremendous results! The instructors are professional, knowledgeable, and they push you beyond the limits you have in your mind. If you want to get in the best shape, WFC is the place to be! On my way there now……


  • Sam says:

    The best kept secret in Westchester!! I LOVE this place, I joined the womens fitness program in January and within 3 months I have already started to see results. I signed up for the weeks free trial and after my first class I was addicted. There is a great choice of classes throughout the week, so it easily fits with my schedule. The facilities are fantastic, its very clean and there is plenty of equipment. All the trainers are very experienced and highly motivating, but at the same time they are not intimidating. Many people are at different levels and of all shapes and sizes yet the classes work for everyone.

    If you are bored with a regular gym and want to make a difference and get results, meet great friendly people and work out somewhere that has loads of energy, then Westchester Fight Club has everything you need!

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