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Team BoneCrusher

Team BoneCrusher is located in Spencerport, New York, and a part of Williams Martial Arts Academy. We believe in respect, hard training, severe cardio, the basics and plenty of bruises, lumps and sweat! Williams Martial Arts Academy is a competitive school in Karate, Kickboxing, Grappling, Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts.

We feel that in order to achieve the level to which you train, you must compete to know where you lack. Cardio and conditioning is one of the main ingredients along with the basics in grappling (we mix wrestling, catch wrestling, judo and BJJ) and striking (we mix muay thai, american kickboxing, boxing, traditional martial arts) to achieve a strong base in MMA and self defense. Team BoneCrusher uses the schools training principles to compete in a very competitive world- so that the student has a chance to compete and grow !

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