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American Martial Arts Academy

American Martial Arts Academy (AMAA), located in Winston Salem, North Carolina, provides expert instruction in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Submission Wrestling, Tae Kwon Do and Mixed Martial Arts.  AMAA was developed as a way for students of the martial arts to seek the truth.  There are so many styles around today that make, unsubstantiated claims about the effectiveness of their style. Most martial arts schools get caught up in the politics of trying to survive as a business and as a result sacrifice the founding principals of martial arts, which are practicality and effectiveness.

AMAA has grown to be the largest academy in Winston-Salem by consistently providing an environment for individuals to pursue his or her personal goals as a martial artist. Whether you are interested in high level competition, self-defense, or just physical fitness AMAA has a place for you. Our Academy has over 12,000 square feet of training facility with over 4,500 square feet of Olympic matted flooring and the walls are padded which makes for ideal training. We have a full access fitness center with Nautilus, Lido strength training, free weights, cardio section equipped with cardio-theater, massage therapy and a full service juice bar to meet all your health and fitness needs.

AMAA has a no nonsense curriculum and a proven teaching philosophy which allows all students to excel at the fastest rate possible. The traditional methods of teaching martial arts whereby a student can only learn certain techniques or principals at a certain belt level have been abandoned at our Academy.  This system of memorizing techniques simply for a belt test, that you pay for by the way, is simply not practical and should only be used for children, as they need structure.  At our Academy your rate of gaining knowledge and techniques are limited only by your own time constraints. At AMAA, belt rank is based on merit not on who has paid a testing fee and expects to receive the next belt rank. When one demonstrates the ability to effectively deal with free flowing situations with a certain belt level then you have indeed earned that belt level and it will be awarded to you at no charge.

Martial Arts has changed more in the last 10 years than in the previous two centuries. If you want to ensure that you are training the most effective techniques available then American Martial Arts Academy is the place for you!

Not only do we have more to offer but our rates are the best in town. We have no deceptive first month rates to try to bring someone in. We want students who want to learn and reach whatever goals they may have set for themselves. We get calls from instructors at other local academies in Winston Salem and Greensboro who want to train at our Academy to become more, well rounded. Because they are often teaching nights they usually inquire about private lessons also. We have been asked to do this so often, we have created a special package for area instructors, which allow them to train with us. These instructors from other academies have certain stipulations and criteria that must be adhered to in order for us to train them.

This process in itself speaks as to the effectiveness of what we teach at AMAA.  We are not cocky by any means; however, we are very confident. It is not uncommon for a black belt in a traditional style to come into our Academy and be defeated by a student that has trained only six months. This is not the shortcoming of the black belt but the shortcoming of his chosen style and training methods. We whole heartedly stand behind anything that we claim at AMAA and if you want to be the best that you can possibly be then there is simply no where else to train. Please call and schedule an appointment to observe one of our classes and you will be able to come to your own conclusion!

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