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East Coast Fighter

East Coast Fighter/Eight Limb Fight Club, located in Charlotte, North Carolina, specializes in the instruction of Muay Thai Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, with classes taught by Kru James Armlin. We hope to provide combat sports fans and practitioners with information that will assist them to locate proper instruction, quality gear and/or training partners, as well as promote MMA and various other combat sport promotions!

  • Phelston Warren says:

    Hi my name is Phelston Warren. I am new at this and want to learn.

  • Todd says:

    After years of training at other locations, I have finallly realized what I was missing when I started training at East Coast Fighter. Their Muay Thai program is as close to actually going to Thailand as you will get in the states. I also trained with their BJJ guy “Mushu” who is a black belt and I now see that I definitely had holes in my game. I would rate this gym as the best that I have seen and I have seen many. Great experience.

  • droc says:

    Hi Phelston

    Please contact ECF directly if you wish to start training! Their information is above!

  • Brandie Desso says:

    I am only 17 but I have been in MMA since before i could walk, it has been 13 years since my first MMA experience. I have actually met a few professional UFC fighters over the years, MMA has always been my life! i have been to several different gyms and studios but have yet to find the right one that i want to stay at. I have thought very seriously about attending East Coast Fighter MMA Gym! i am hoping to find the fighting experience i have always longed for in MMA, if i start attending this gym! i would love to hear any information you may have on East Coast Gym. thank you

  • joe says:

    Brandie is a liar and poser

  • ana says:

    that guys from east coast they went to ellon bjj tournament and bit everybody 4 guys 6 medals great job.

  • ana says:

    those guys awesome.

  • pedro says:

    this is awesome school and great fighters and great professor.

  • pedro says:

    a great professor

  • I use to train at East Coast Fighter and I have to say it is the best gym I have ever been to with great all around training. These guys really know what they are doing they are humble and very knowledgeable about training and other things. There is a since of family with these guys they all look after each other and make sure everybody is ready for their upcoming competitions whether it be kick boxing, muay thai, MMA, or BJJ.

    Another thing I found great is muay thai coach and owner of EFC Kru James Armlin is very willing to work with you training-wise and money-wise I am dead broke and unable to pay for the classes and he lowered the price for me. I was also unable to pay that but even so he let me train there longer than he needed to. I would recommend the gym to anybody.

  • Unknown man says:

    I think this is a great place to train if you have money but not for the poor.

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