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Columbus Ninjutsu Club (CNC)

Columbus Ninjutsu Club (CNC) is central Ohio’s source for complete self-defense martial arts training. We are a Columbus, Ohio martial arts school offering comprehensive training in Bansenshukai Ninjutsu.

Our curriculum includes both physical and knowledge-based training in: Striking – Kickboxing and striking skills that attack vital areas and nerve targets Grappling – Applying and countering grabs, holds, and chokes Joint Locks – Applying and countering bone and joint breaking techniques Throws – Using balance and body dynamics to throw much heavier opponents Ground Fighting – Striking, grappling, and weapons techniques on the ground Weapons – Principles of blades, sticks, flexibles, projectiles, combinations, and improvised Movement – Gymnastic skills for falling and countering, and Parkour for escape and evasion Safety Skills – Principles of first aid, survival, camouflage, stealth, acting, and meditation Conditioning – Cardio and toning drills that build endurance and technique Legality – Using the law to your advantage to survive conflicts both physically and legally Ninjutsu was the art of special tactics and techniques used by the Japanese for intelligence, espionage, and reconnaissance.

The principles of the art are timeless and provide a powerful means to modern day self-protection, as Ninjutsu is an art that can adapt to each practitioner’s needs. Our training is based on the principles of the Bansenshukai, a 17th century ninja text which contains a collection of both Iga and Koga Ninjutsu principles. The skills of Bansenshukai Ninjutsu are built around Ju-Jitsu, the samurai art of unarmed combat. One of history’s most refined martial arts, Ju-Jitsu was forged through hundreds of years of intense Japanese warfare. The art has served as a foundation for many modern martial arts, including Judo and Aikido.

CNC is an affiliate of American Ju-Jitsu, a system which contains elements of Shorinji Ryu Ju-Jitsu (as taught to L.A.P.D.), Seishin Ryu Judo, Chinese Kenpo, American Kickboxing, Pankration, and Combat Grappling. Our training methods are extremely effective for anyone looking for comprehensive self-defense training, or for those involved in law enforcement, security, bodyguarding, bouncing, or the military. We train on a wide variety of dangerous situations, and incorporate the often ignored adrenal effects and legal justifications of self-defense into our training. At CNC we pride ourselves on creating a fun, friendly, and ego-free environment where students can help each other reach their goals. Feel free to stop in and try a free class!

  • R. Mills says:

    CNC was a great place to train. I started training when CNC was still at the Continent. Then I continued after the school moved to lewis center. The head instructor Dan is great. He is patient, helpful, effective, and conscientious about safety and awesome at differentiating techniques to match student abilities while maintaining the effectiveness of the skill. Sadly CNC closed and the lewis center location is under new management. Dan is still teaching out of Baker’s taikwando dojo in Westerville. The focus of the Logic MMA classes is not on the ninjutsu or earning rank as with CNC, but on fitness and usable self defense and fighting skills. If you like MMA but aren’t interested in training 12 hours a day. You should come a free class and join.
    Are you a professional who wants to stimulate your mind & think faster without having to read a book or periodicals and sit in a classroom? Would you like to gain flexibility & stamina that will improve your personal life? Are you interested in joining a group of people outside of co-workers? Do want learn about boxing, jujitsu, or mixed martial arts in a group environment where you get to practice striking, grappling, blocking, defending, & escaping with a person instead of doing jazzercise with boxing gloves & a punching bag?
    If so come try a free class. Look up LogicMMA on Facebook for more information.

  • bewizzle says:

    closed as of now.

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