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Gorilla Pit Strength Sports

Welcome to Gorilla Pit Strength Sports/Gorilla Pit Gym in Mentor, Ohio. Ty Phillips and Bryce Kujat, two active strength athletes who compete in both strongman and powerlifting decided to create a place where real training happens. A home for the hard core lifter, where the center of the gym revolves around heavy weights and heavy stones, not bikini briefs and oil.

The Gorilla Pit was designed to cater for Powerlifters and Strongmen. Our set up, our building and our equipment are designed to give you, the athlete, everything you need to exceed in your sport. Tired of fighting over one power rack and one bench? We have four of each! Hate finding a place where the mono lift is chained up unless the two people that own it are there? Ours is open for public use and we are hoping to soon add a second. We have Atlas stones ranging from 200-420lbs, dumbbells from 10-120lbs, axle, heavy tires, texas power bars, bumper plates, logs and heavy metal music playing in an environment that was made to make you stronger!

We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We offer personal training, sports conditioning and are hoping to soon add an MMA cage and MMA training section that will provide all you need in order to fight your way to the big show! If you want to be better than just ok, if you want to SMASH your old PR’s and set new records, there is only one choice; Northeastern Ohio’s Premier Strength Athletics facility. The Gorilla Pit!

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