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Cambria Martial Arts Academy

We here at Cambria Martial Arts Academy in South Fork, Pennsylvania, are one of the few schools that can provide a comprehensive cross-training program for anyone interested in learning the MMA Mixed Martial Arts style of fighting, and the training you will be getting will be in the same ring-dominating fighting styles you see in the UFC and PRIDE Fighting events totay. In the last decade, in the USA, as well as all around the globe, MMA Mixed Martial Arts Full Contact NHB (No Holds Barred) Fighting has created a frenzy of interest in training in the martial arts…from the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships) to PRIDE Fighting out of Japan, mixed martial arts has swept the globe like a wave, and has altered the face of martial arts training forever.

Our school offers a mix of stand-up fighting styles based on traditional Muay Thai kick boxing blended with Western Boxing. Our students will learn all the basic Muay Thai kick boxing fundamentals including kicking, knee strikes, elbow strikes, and hand drills, as well as many standard Western Boxing punch combination drills too.

Along with that stand-up training, our MMA Program also offers very extensive training in take-downs, grappling, and submission locks, with training that was taught to the instructors by actual fighters who participated in full contact mixed martial arts events that were televised … these styles include tradition Japanese Jui-Jistu blended with many Brazilian Jui-Jitsu techniques, Shooto or Shoot Fighting training, joint manipulation and locking, grappling and western wrestling take-downs, lock-flow series, and traditional and modified Judo and Jui-Jitsu throws as well, which can supply a fighter with, literally, hundreds of submission moves and locks.

Our school has actually offered a similar program of training for several years, and we have done this type of training well before these MMA events were ever televised … our school focuses on creating a self-confident, and well rounded fighter, that is prepared for anything from upright fighting to ground fighting, and every range in between.

For our students, this specialized MMA Mixed Martial Arts Training Program requires no previous training or experience in any martial arts or fighting styles, and it can be started by anyone. Previous training in boxing, wrestling, any grappling arts, or any other martial arts training is helpful, but not required or necessary.

Cambria Martial Arts Academy was established in 1981 by Darcy and David Regala and they have been teaching martial arts for close to 28 years. The Regalas each, individually, have over 33 years of training in the martial arts, corrections, and law enforcement, and our school is founded on the principles of teaching excellence, personal attention, and a carefully structured program that goes a lot further than just punching and kicking.

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