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Fight Club Pittsburgh

Fight Club Pittsburgh has a world class MMA facility with world class instructors. Our cage and mat equipment designs are custom and completely unique. We believe that safety is the paramount concern for any martial arts program and we have specifically designed our equipment with safety as the top priority. We believe that our facility and instructors offer a fantastic opportunity for any student to learn Renzo Gracie Brazilian Jui Jitsu and all other facets of MMA in a safe environment at a very competitive rate.

Fight Club Pittsburgh provides real mixed martial arts (MMA) training in a non-competitive belt program in a truly world class facility. No cage fighting or hard core sparring is involved in the belt program. Fight Club Pittsburgh’s unique MMA Curriculum Program encompasses the best techniques from a variety of different Martial Arts that have proven effective in Mixed Martial Arts competition worldwide. It is perfectly designed for beginner students (white belt) through expert students (black belt). We will be starting youth and little dragon programs in the near future.

Our classes conduct training specifically designed to develop student proficiency in the MMA curriculum (Belt Program). Beginning Students will start out as a first level white belt and develop their skills with the ultimate goal of attaining black belt rank.

Come and visit the facility for a tour and sign up for (2) free classes in the program of your choice and decide for yourself if you would like to train with us. We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your fitness and martial arts goals.


  • michael says:

    I walked into Pittsburgh Fight Club and was initially impressed with the set up they had. I asked how much it would cost for a session off MMA as I was visiting from out of town. I was told that I had to commit to 6 weeks before I was allowed to do the “advanced class”; even after telling the lady that I have already done 5 fights and have been doing it for 2 years. She gave me the directions to another place as I wanted to leave……. then gave me a hug?!?

    I watched them train out on the mats doing kicks… hands all down when they were doing it, Techno music playing….. and the kicks were horrible no hip action….. After seeing that…. and basically being told I was not ready for even that…. I was a bit miffed. My advice is don’t go if you want to really fight…. their gear is really nice the equipment is nice…. but if the training and attitude isn’t there it’s not worth it unless you want to be a nobody douche.

  • BJC says:

    I like Michael’s comment. I’ve only investigated this place online, but this is what I kind of assumed. The gym is ran by a former mixed martial artist that had an embarrassing career of getting his ass kicked like 5 times and retired into the business of training. Again like Mike said the gym seems very high tech and well equipped, but I think they invested all the money into equipment, and none into high level instruction.

  • MM says:

    Eric Hibler’s Pittsburgh Fight Cul is closed. It is now a new business called Fight Club Pittsburgh MMA. It is BIGGER and BETTER!! New owners and amazing instructors. Come check it out!

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