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MMAXOUT Fitness in Leesport, Pennsylvania,  is not based off of a particular style, rather we incorporate what works best in any given situation. Our approach is simple; if it doesn’t work we don’t use it. You will find that our class training program is exciting…and it flows. It’s not a program that is intended to provide 20 minutes of explanation while members sit and listen in sheer boredom. We keep the class moving while teaching – we show then go, then we critique the skills.

Each exciting class has a theme in which we work drills, skills and conditioning. This is what makes our classes flow – without this concept, classes would tend to be boring and/or made up as you go, and you’d be left wondering why members quit within a month. MMAXOUT Fitness program has over 30 years of class room experience, developing and perfecting a program that keeps members coming back for more.

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