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Xtreme Fitness Center

Come learn a Variety of Martial Arts at Xtreme Fitness in St. Clair, Pennsylvania! Some of the classes that we offer classes include StreetDefense, Kenpo Karate, JKD concepts/Wing Chun, Boxing/Kickboxing/Thaiboxing (Muay Thai), Women’s Boxing/Kickboxing-Self Defense, Kids’ Street Defense and Self Defense. Kimono (Gi) Classes are Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu/Judo, No Gi Submission Grappling/Wrestling, Capoeira and Tai Chi.

We also offer low and high impact aerobic classes, senior aerobic classes, tanning, and full size fitness center complete with weights and cardiovascular training. We are a family oriented facility that offers the lowest rates in the area. We work with every individual person like they are part of our own family. We offer a free hour with one of our trainers when you sign up to our facility. We try to add/improve our facility every month to provide everyone’s needs.

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