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Columbia Martial Arts and Fitness

Columbia Martial Arts and Fitness is the only school in the Midlands offering a unique curriculum of five world class martial arts. We offer a blend of contemporary arts to encompass all ranges of combat. Students learn how to deal effectively with all types of situations from long range impact and edged weapon attacks to encounters that wind up on the ground.

We offer a variety of programs for the adult student. Everything from extreme work outs, to highly technical skills. Whether a young adult, or just young at heart, we have something for you.

* CrossFit Training – an extreme exercise program
* MMA – Learn to work the cage
* Fitness Kickboxing – get fit and grab some skills
* Jun Fan Gung Fu/JKD (Bruce Lee’s arts) – fitness and combat
* Wing Chun – get technical with this Kung Fu
* Jiu-Jitsu/BJJ/Grappling – tone and roll
* Kali – the ultimate in weapons training
* And More…

CMATC (Columbia Martial Arts Training Center) was founded in August of 1994 and moved to at 2000 square foot location in December of 1998. November 3rd, 2007, CMATC built its own 5000 square foot building, and changed its name to Columbia Martial Arts and Fitness. Our goal is to help each student exceed their self-imposed physical and mental limitations – we are all capable of doing much more than we think we can.

At CMAAF, we use progressive training programs to enhance conditioning, endurance, strength, balance and flexibility. The physical training leads to a healthier body and gives students the tools to defend themselves. Although the physical training is the medium we use, the training also develops the inner self, sharpening both the physical weapons and the spirit. The self-discipline developed through consistent practice develops greater self-confidence and self-respect. This personal growth will help students break through their perceived limitations in all areas of life. By setting and achieving goals in training, you learn to reach and exceed your goals in work, relationships and other areas.

We are the Carolina’s finest Martial Art training and fitness facility. We are the Ultimate in Progressive- Aggressive training, while also providing a kid friendly, family environment. We go beyond kata and form, to consider the ring and the cage (for adults), respect and improvement for the young, and general fitness training and health for all.

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