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Rister International Martial Arts

Rister International Martial Arts was founded in 1987 by Sifu Jon Rister with strict dedication to the comprehensive study of street effective martial arts. It was named Wu Hsin Kuen (pronounced Woo Shin Koon) can be translated from Chinese to mean “no thought fighting” or “non thinking fist”. Having the ability to react and flow naturally when faced with a dangerous situation can make the difference between success and failure.

Our training program for MMA is dedicated to developing fighters of the highest caliber. We will train you in all aspects of martial arts. You will become a balanced well-rounded fighter, able to strike and grapple with equal skill.

Our goal is to move the industry towards the next level of skill and professionalism. The training we provide will help you reach your goals. You will have a clear purpose to win fights with the least amount of damage to yourself and the most to your opponent.

We teach MMA as a unified, system based on Silat, JKD grappling, Muay Thai, and Shoot Wrestling.

We are seeking men and women with little or no MMA background. Lack of experience is a benefit – it will allow us to train you our way. We use methods little known in most of the industry at this time. Our school will train you to fight in ways that destroy the human body as well as prepare you for the sport aspect of fighting. We will train you to play by the rules, and win! That is our goal and out mission – to produce fighters that win!

This class requires your own equipment. You don’t have to have right away, but the more your training progresses the more equipment you will utilize. Here is the list:

1. Bag gloves
2. MMA gloves
3. Head gear (boxing style)
4. Mouth guard
5. Cup
6. Breast protection (for females)
7. Knee pads for grappling
8. Fight shorts
9. Rash guard or Underarmor style shirts
10. Hand wraps
11. Water bottle

We moved to a new location in 2007, taking the name Rister International Martial Arts and leaving the name Wu Hsin Kuen to our sister school in Finland. Our goal, however, has remained the same – to build better individuals through martial art training.

  • shelly says:

    Being able to teach martial arts does not qualify you to train a fighter. There is also some ambiguity about some supposed fighting experience that the sifu had many years ago. Also there have been numerous problems with female students over the years. My advice: No Females Need Apply!

    All you have to do is view the videos of Rister’s “supposed” fighters to see that they have no ground skills. He has removed them from his site but they can still be found on Youtube.

  • Brad says:

    I can personally attest to the horrendous mistreatment of my wife by the head instructor.

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