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U.S. Karate Systems

At U.S. Karate, located in Georgetown, Texas, you and your family can learn real, effective Mixed Martial Arts, authentic Filipino Martial Arts, and Hawaiian Kenpo Karate, all under the tutelage of one of the top instructors in the U.S.A.! Our adult programs are geared for a wide range of customer needs and preferences. The classes provide increased fitness, awareness, self-confidence and self-defense skills that are needed in today’s world.

We blend various arts to develop a best of the best approach to martial skill and self-defense. We utilize a variety of methods to address defending oneself in the long, medium, and close ranges of combat. In the early 1990’s the UFC made the scene and answered the question so long asked by traditional martial artists. “Which style is best”? Well it is common knowledge now, that blending arts that address striking, kicking, clinch, and groundwork into a seamless system is the best known method for success. We teach students these skills, and how to apply them for both sporting and street applications. If you have goals that include fitness, self-defense, competition, or just learning and getting a great workout, this is the class for you.

Dean Goldade is our Chief Instructor and organizes all martial art programs. He is a 30 year veteran of the martial arts, and has trained in multiple martial arts systems, as well as extensive training in military and police combatives. He holds a 6th degree black belt and has trained in many traditional systems including Kajukenbo & Arnis, as well as the more progressive systems of BJJ, JKD & Freestyle MMA. Although he continues to cross train in multiple disciplines, his personal focus is his continued study of the martial arts under the direction of his primary teacher Grand Master Max Pallen Sr, as well as the continued development of our programs.

He specializes in teaching no-nonsense self-defense and personal protection. He has studied with many personal protection experts, most notably W. Hock Hochheim for over a decade. He continues to develop and evolve his programs to better serve the community and their self-defense needs. With this in mind he teaches the Citizen’s Self-Defense course, to allow the average every day citizen access to this life saving information.

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