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November Promo: Free RedArme Buddha V-Neck


That’s right, and Red Arme are once again teaming up to give our most dedicated fans a free T-Shirt.  What’s better than FREE?

How do I win?
Please add a comment on this post explaining why we should pick you to win and let us know who your LEAST favorite MMA fighter is. Provide your name & a valid email address (how else can we contact you?) It’s that simple. As always, you can earn extra entries by spreading the word on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, etc… We will choose ONE winner at random on November 16th, 2010 and announce it right here on All winners will be notified by email and have 3 days to respond, if there is no response, we will pick another winner at random.

1) Add a comment to this post (Why you should win?  Who your least favorite fighter is? Why?)
2) Provide name and valid email address
3) Spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc. (if possible)
4) Winner will be randomly selected on 11/22/2010
5) We’ll announce winner and email them (So provide a valid email)
6) Winner will receive their prize via mail (Tee)

Details about the SHIRT:
The Buddha V-Neck is the newest entry in the Red Arme (Red Army) Collection of Tactical Training Apparel. The face of the garment features an intricate design highlighted with a foiled emblazoned Insignia logo at its center. The fabled Pharos logo is foil emblazoned and positioned on the back of the garment.

Designed by an influential artist in Tokyo, Japan, the Buddha V-Neck consists of the following qualities:

  • 30’s combed ring spun cotton for quick water absorption
  • Foil hits
  • 100% pre-shrunk and piece dyed for improved breathability
  • Double needle cover stitching for optimum support
  • Taped neck and shoulders for enhanced durability
  • 4.5 oz. tubular construction for tactical maneuvering
  • Please note any distressing or fading is an intentional and desirable aspect of the product.

1) Add a comment to this post (Why you should win?  Who your least favorite fighter is? Why?)
2) Provide name and valid email address
3) Spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc. (if possible)
4) Winner will be randomly selected on 11/22/2010
5) We’ll announce winner and email them (So provide a valid email)
6) Winner will receive their prize via mail (Tee)

  • Javale Smiton says:

    WHAT the heck, I totally want this free SHIRT! The buddha design is sweet especially on a vneck. I win because I’m top of my fight school in florida. ATT representing.
    Least favorite fighter = Cheick Kongo. Dude is rip, but can’t fight at all.

  • The Buddha is blazin’ and selling like hotcakes at Performance MMA (

    Thanks to the folks at Find MMA Gyms you now have a chance to get one for free.

    For the record… Josh Koscheck is our least favorite fighter. Why??… isn’t it obvious.

    Arme Strong!!

  • bryan martin says:

    i should win because i truly love MMA.

    my least favorite fighter is anderson silva. the reason being he is to freaking cocky. he showboats more than he fights as he showed in the forest griffen fight. and when he is put up to a real challenge such as cohan he falls apart.

  • Elijah Espada says:

    I should win because I am completely devoted to MMA. I train every single day striving to be the best and wanting it more than anyone I know.
    My least favorite fighter has to be BJ Penn because his last performance against Frank was terrible and I used to look up to him. He just looks as if he doesn’t want it anymore and that’s what I love in a fighter is when we wants it. Just like I do.

  • I should win because that’s a ridiculously cool t-shirt design, and all of my v-necks have gotten shredded from wrestling practice. Don’t have any to wear around anymore. Plus, free swag=awesome.

    My least favorite fighter is probably Shannon “The Cannon” Ritch. Everything about him is disappointing and despicable. His willingness to throw fights, how he crumbles under the slightest bit of pressure, and how he actually seems to have decent abilities, but would rather score a quick paycheck and tap out in 25 seconds instead of actually attempting to win fights when he’s faced with adversity. The guy’s been involved in to many fake fights for me to ever respect him.

  • mma doc says:

    I have the Insignia Red Arme shirt and it is one of my favorites. The quality of the shirt amazed me. Red Arme does good work! I’d love to add this one to my collection.

    My least fighter is Josh Koscheck. I don’t like his acting skills in a fight nor do I like his attitude. He is immature and acts like a bully especially what he did on the TUF show to the male nurse. I hope GSP takes good care of him.

    I’m a chiro to many amateur fighters starting out. I treat them pro bono as some don’t make enough money to pay for my services. I’m a big fan of mma and I see this as a contribution to the mma world. Good luck to all, and support Red Arme as they also support mma and also some of the up and coming fighters that I treat at my work.

  • Garrett says:

    the reason why i deserve it is bc i just got started trainin and don’t have many shirts or anythin bc i’ve slowly tryin to get sponsored . and my least favorite fighter is frank mir bc he has lost his site in the reason for competing

  • Tony Bettencourt says:

    I think I should win this shirt cause well, look at it its awesome! who wouldnt want it?! Im also thinking about getting into MMA as more then a spectator! and having a shirt like this would be real cool.

    My least favorite MMA fighter, definetley Brock Lesnar. He cant stand up to save his life! He is a terrible stiker and seems he cant take the hits cause he always shells up when someone starts knockin him around and barley fights back. I find him a disgrace to MMA/UFC, he should just go back to wresleing, its all he really does in the octagon anyway.

  • Anthony Bontatibus says:

    I would like to have this t shirt mostly because i am a huge fan of MMA and love to watch it all of the time. Not to mention it has some of the nicest designs I’ve ever seen. I have watched MMA close to every day for the past year.

    I am a currently 5 star black belt in nejitzu and have been doing it since i have been about 4 years old. I have recently come onto MMA mostly because of the drive it gives me and how it really connects with me. I have gone through many struggles in my life, and still struggle with some emotional problems, but when i start to work out, or when i watch this evolutionary sport, all of those pains, and nerves go away and i get into the fight. It is my haven away from everything else that is going on. I am going to start seriously training in this field and try to become the best fighter I can be, while remaining true to my roots because no matter what i will always have my family and my friends.

    I would say my least favorite fighter right now is Chael Sonnen. This is because he gave no respect to the future hall of fame Anderson “the spider” Silva. He also he tested positive for a very high level of testosterone, which means he probably used illegal performance enhancing drugs to accomplish his peak. I think anyone who uses these short cuts deserve no respect at all, and that is why he is my least favorite fighter.

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