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Review: Mixed Martial Arts Training Journal

I get asked a lot of questions about MMA equipment all the time. Things like,”What are the best shorts? Who makes the best gloves? What supplements should I use?” I have answers for all the questions, which I make available to readers like yourself such as my pieces on KNOXX Legionnaire Fight Shorts and Fairtex BGV1 Training Gloves,but a question I never get asked is, “How should I keep track of my training?”

Well, I have found the answer to that question. It would be the Mixed Martial Arts Training Journal. No, this isn’t the kind that your little sister keeps under her mattress, or the one you wrote in as a kid saying what you wanted to be when you grow up. Not even the one that says who ate a bug on recess. This is an MMA Training Journal. So, hit the jump and read about one of the most interesting and unique products I have come across.

This journal has every thing that you will need to chart your progress and goals for training. I will not be posting any pictures so that I can protect the content (since it is all print after all), but will let you know whats inside. It has an excellent introduction to the journal that explains why this little book is so important and includes a spot for your statistics, including height and weight and even a win/loss record (if you have one) and a BMI table.

Now lets get to the real meat of this journal. It has something that I think is very important – a place to set your goals. This is one are I think that is tremendously overlooked. People commonly set goals that are somewhat unattainable or do not set them at all. Think about it – without goals what are you working towards and how are you going to get there? It breaks it down in a couple of different ways from 45 days out to weekly goals.

Then you get into the daily journal. This part is unbelievable. It has everything for your training needs. You can input everything that you did that day. All types of training. Everything from weightlifting to who you rolled with that day and how you did. You can also put down what you ate and drank. This is the part that I found to be the most helpful. When doing this you can really break down what you eat and see if you are getting enough of what you need. For me, I found out that I was not eating enough calories through out the day. Now that I can see everything that eat and drink I am also less likely to eat crappy stuff.

Towards the back it has a place for notes and where you can enter in what you have learned about certain techniques or drills that you learned. It even has the rules for mma, muay thai, and jiu jitsu where it lists things like weight classes and ways to win.

I really can not say anything bad about this journal. If there is one product that I can convince you to get I hope it is this. By far one of the most useful pieces of equipment I have come across. I think that anyone that is truly serious about competing in mma, muay thai, or jiu jitsu should pick this book up. Trust me when I tell you, you will not be disappointed. This journal can be had for right around $20.

(Highly Recommended)

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By Jeff Sims

**Disclaimer** I received these at no cost for the purpose of review and received no payment from the company to do the review.

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