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Ultimate Fight Night (UFN) 18 Recap

UFN 18: Recap (by Kevin Leong)

Cole Miller def. Junie Browning

(Tapout: Guillotine)

After all the trash-talking and media hype, Cole Miller showed Junie Browning who was truly the overrated fighter.

The two stood and boxed as the fight got started, but after taking a big hit, Browning shot in for a takedown, leaving his neck exposed. Miller easily slapped on the guillotine, and after locking in the hooks, forced Browning to tap at 1:58 in the first round.

While Miller displayed both a solid stand-up and ground game, Browning showed very little promise as a future fighter in the UFC. Clearly, his only purpose on the show was increased television ratings.

Tyson Griffin def. Rafael Dos Anjos

(Unanimous Decision – 30-27)

Coming off a difficult decision-loss to Sean Sherk, Tyson Griffin desperately needed a win to get back on track.

The fight started with both fighters standing up and exchanging blows. Though both connected with some strong shots, Griffin looked solid with his constant head movement. After connecting with a straight-right, Griffin took Dos Anjos down to the mat. Dos Anjos stayed calm, however, and caught Griffin in what appeared to be a calf-crush/knee lock. Though he would eventually power out of the submission attempt, Griffin’s leg was obviously bothering him throughout the rest of the fight.

Dos Anjos tried a couple times to lock-in a standing Kimura but never quite sunk it in. Though he kept up with Griffin striking in the beginning, towards the end of the fight he began to fade away. Many of his punches did no damage, and he continued to take a lot of punishment.

Tyson Griffin looked good in the finish of what will probably earn him “Fight of the Night” honors. His all-around game was impressive, and was never in too much trouble, although that bizarre submission attempt by Dos Anjos certainly looked painful. With time, Griffin will definitely become a force to be reckoned with in UFC’s Lightweight division.

Ryan Bader def. Carmelo Marrero

(Unanimous Decision – 30-27)

Ryan “Darth” Bader was excellent in his first fight since The Ultimate Finale 8 with his victory over Carmelo Marrero. His heavy punches and perfected wrestling technique made easy work of Marrero, who never quite figured Bader out. Bader easily took Marrero down four times in the first round, stuffing each of Marrero’s sweep attempts. He also showed some submission potential, working for an arm-triangle which he used to transition into taking the mount. In fact, Bader was so proficient in taking Marrero down, the crowd booed repeatedly throughout the match. He constantly smothered Marrero, but never quite did enough damage to end the fight. Bader would eventually win in a unanimous decision. With a perfect record, Bader’s skills will soon be tested as he moves up the ladder in the lightweight division, fighting more competitive opponents.

Martin Kampmann def. Carlos Condit

(Split Decision – 29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Martin Kampmann handed Carlos Condit a loss in his UFC debut, beating him in a split decision. Despite being cut early from an elbow thrown by Condit, Kampmann maintained his composure, taking Condit down repeatedly, and coming close to forcing him to tap.

Condit looked slightly better standing-up, out-striking Kampmann boxing and in the clinch. When he cut Kampmann in the first round, it looked like he could finish the fight. Kampmann recovered quickly, however, and Condit never really regained the upper-hand.

Off his back, Kampmann looked comfortable, biding his time while avoiding Condit’s punches and elbows, until he finally got his chance to sweep.

He was nearly perfect until the second round, when a failed guillotine attempt allowed Condit to take his back. Remembering his training, Kampmann skillfully reversed himself to improve his position. Finally, Kampmann looked strong throughout the third round, ending it with a guillotine attempt, but time ran out.

*A special thanks to Kevin Leong for putting this fight recap together.

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