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The Ultimate Fighter 9 Episode 8 Recap

The Ultimate Fighter 9 Episode 8

Team UK has a 4-2 lead going into this week’s episode, and their strong team chemistry is obvious. While Team USA continues to squabble amongst each other, Team UK helps encourage and work together to make each fighter stronger.

Jason Pierce’s injury status has progressed from a simple foot injury to a full blows staph-infection. This certainly doesn’t bode well for his survival on the show.

David Faulkner’s mental weakness is explained to have possibly stemmed from a weak gag-reflex. He is unable to fight with a mouth-piece, and these kinds of issues must be stored in the back of his mind. This gag-reflex issue must be dealt with by Faulkner if he wants to become a successful fighter.

Pierce is conflicted over whether or not he can fight in the upcoming match. He holds onto the sour attitude he developed over the last episode and just about everyone on the team is fed up. The infection has his weak sore, and it is unclear whether Pierce is willing to push himself past the pain and do what he needs to do to win.

With his hands tied because of Jason Pierce’s inability to fight, Henderson selects Jason Dent to fight Seth Lawson.

Dent’s teammates have mixed feelings about him. While most of them like him, many think his avoidance of the social scene is big turn-off. Even Dent’s coaches find it difficult to reach him. Henderson sees Dent as unwilling to listen to advice and has labeled him “difficult to coach.”

Team UK is getting along quite nicely, dressing up and messing around as professional wrestlers in the house. This provides great relief for all the fighters, who, instead of being all wound up with aggression and anxiousness, are able to enjoy the entertainment at the house.

Seth Lawson is confident in his game-plan. His plan is to come straight out with several strong punches before throwing his opponent, finishing the fight with an arm-bar.

Dana White wants to talk to both fighters to see what’s up with their injuries. Jason Pierce lays out just how beat-up he is physically, and is concerned with his desire to fight. The way Pierce answered White’s questions, the way he described his injuries, Dana White has real cause to question Pierce’s motivation to fight.

Even Henderson is disappointed with the way Pierce is handling his situation. If it were Henderson, he would be doing everything he could to convince Dana that he was ready and willing to fight. Nothing would stop him.

Jason Dent vs. Seth Lawson

The fight starts out a bit slow; each fighter respects the other’s striking abilities and few punches are thrown. The fighters measure each other up and exchange leg-kicks before Lawson skillfully takes Dent down.

Dent looks to be in pretty bad shape on the ground. He locks in guard but constantly allows Lawson to posture up and throw punches. At around 2:25, Lawson beautifully picks dent up and slams him back to the mat.

With still a minute left to go in the first round, Lawson quickly moves to the mount and dares Jason Dent to give up his back. Dent positions out of it, however, and Lawson is quickly back in his guard. The first round ends with Dent pushing Lawson off of him and putting Lawson on his back.

During the break both coaches are convinced that Lawson won the first round. Henderson tells Dent he must win the second.

In the second round Dent connects with a strong punch to Lawson’s face. Lawson curls up on the ground with his face to the mat and Dent throws some punches to the side. Lawson goes for another trip and a leg-lock, but can’t get Dent to tap.

Lawson’s breathing beings to become labored and his lack of conditioning becomes apparent. After stuffing another takedown, Dent is able to sink in an anaconda choke. Lawson taps shortly after.

Winner: Jason Dent (Anaconda Choke)

Dents win was far from impressive, even by Dana White’s standards. He never took control of the fight, and never really looked like he had a game-plan to win until he sunk in the choke. He never gave up though, and is rewarded because of his efforts.

After Jason Dent’s fight, Dana once again calls Pierce in and lays it on the table. He tells Jason Dent that he isn’t going to let Pierce fight, and Pierce finally shows the viewers some emotion. Dana White isn’t moved however, telling the camera that he thinks Pierce came on the show and realized “he wasn’t really a fighter.”

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