Being the parent of a child with special needs is quite a magical experience. While the levels of special needs can go from a child that has a very slight disability to one that is paralyzed, the parents really have to do some digging to find some normalcy for these kids’ lives. Where sports is concerned it’s almost considered impossible to get a child with a disability into a sport of some fashion, but this isn’t always the case. This is where MMA comes into play, and can be a completely life changing experience for not only the kids involved, but the families as well.

Mixed martial arts is definitely an option for some kids, but obviously not for all. Use your own discretion when it comes to considering if the sport may be the right fit for your children, but unless they are suffering from something life threatening, you would be surprised at how many kids have been able to engage in training this way.
Here’s a little background story for you on the topic; I have a son that is living with a form of Autism. He is pretty high-functioning and albeit not the average student in MMA, he certainly can take part in it. This is a big deal considering his autism would otherwise completely rule out team sports of any kind due to the way he interacts with other kids and has a hard time focusing in a group setting. MMA on the other hand, permits him to train at his own pace, without anyone else to distract him, and allows him to dictate his abilities and when he has proven he is ready to move up in his training. One day as he gets older, he may decide he wants to compete, and that is fine with us as his parents because ultimately he has to travel a path that makes him content in life. It’s a far cry from where he once was, as he was bullied in school and had one heck of a time trying to merely get through the day. He is small for his age and had zero confidence, two things MMA can prove otherwise as regardless of your size anyone can learn the sport. He really enjoys training, and he has learned how to defend himself extremely well.
Kids with special needs have more challenges accepting themselves for who they are, and it can be rather trying getting them to have a healthy level of confidence. MMA proves they are capable of so much, and if they are enrolled in a belt system portion of training such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, they instantly get to see their success and how far they have come. I believe mixed martial arts development is a great sport for all children to start, and can catapult their abilities in other sports as well as in school and at home. Attitudes improve, grades don’t seem so out of reach, respecting parents typically increases, and their self-awareness goes through the roof. Speak to your local MMA schools and advise them what needs your son or daughter has before signing them up, but usually the instructors can try to configure some form of training to get your child started.