If this is the first time you are looking for a gym then you want to make sure you know what you are looking for in order to get what you want. You may not know how to tell a good gym from a bad one. Some things are commonsense why others aren’t so obvious. It’s always a good idea for you to try out the facilities before you sign up for a membership because it’s hard to get out of a membership once you are in one. Here are the things you want to keep in mind when shopping around for a good gym:

1. Location

Is it close to your home or office? The closer you are to the gym the easier it will be to want to go there. If a gym is too far away you may make excuses not to go.

2. Price

Most gyms around are reasonably priced. You have to decide whats kinds of things you want such as, tanning, swimming pool, sauna etc. All these things can be included in your gym membership cost so it’s important to know what you want. If you want a no-frills kind of gym than you can probably get a low rate, and many gyms will discount their memberships by taking off the items you don’t want.

Another thing you may want to question is the procedure of increasing rates when the gym adds new equipment. Many gyms add new equipment and increase the rates without asking the members. The average membership fee at a gym is between $40-50 a month. Sometimes you can get discounts if you pay a yearly membership instead of a monthly one.

3. Quality Facilities

An obvious choice would be to not get a membership at the gym that has ancient equipment that is falling apart. Cleanliness is another thing you want to look out for when checking out facilities. Is the gym well-maintained? Check dumbbells for rust or loose plating and see if the cardio machines have a lot of wear and tear to them.

4. Does It Have A Great Selection of Equipment

Do they have a variety of equipment with varying weights to accommodate many people. Some people like to use benches and barbells while others stick to dumbbells. A variety of cardio machines are important as well such as , treadmills, stair master climbers and elliptical just to name a few.

5. Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff

Just because a gym has people at a desk wearing a t-shirt but that doesn’t mean that the staff know what they are doing. Are they qualified to instruct you in exercises if you need help? Are they strong enough to offer you a spot if you need it? Do they work on commission? That’s important to know because you want to make sure they aren’t trying to make an income off selling you stuff you don’t need. Make sure