Valentine’s Day is nearing and maybe you wanted to surprise your spouse with something really different from the obvious flowers or jewelry. While flowers are lovely, they eventually die and you end up with nothing to show for your day celebrating each other, right? Why not start 2015 off with a bang and take up some MMA classes with your special someone!

This may sound crazier than it really is to those of you men reading this thinking “no way will my wife do this”. She will, and here’s why- you’re essentially asking her to spend quality time with you learning something neither of you are currently stellar at. You learn together, get better together, and it’s a bonding experience like no other that is really awesome. It replaces the hours you run away to the fitness gym to lift weights while she is at home with a new activity you both will gain something from.

You have tons of options when it comes to deciding which type of MMA sessions you both would love. You can sign up for traditional MMA classes where you both learn in a class setting a little bit of each style of fighting that encompasses the sport of MMA, or you can sign up for one style of the sport such as Jiu Jitsu. Jiu Jitsu is a really fun way to get in your weekly fitness routine with your significant other because you can roll around the mats with he or she and practice your submissions together connecting you even more! Another sweet option is to try out different styles, such as she takes up kickboxing while you endure wrestling. Then you can both train each other on the weekends with the styles the other person has just learned, furthering your abilities.

Many couples really get into the sport of MMA just after completing their first training session. You can take your spouse or girlfriend to a live MMA fighting event, or order a pay per view so that she can see the fighting in action. Don’t ever let your female feel intimidated, especially going into an MMA gym. By going with her shows that you want her to build her inner strength and you’re willing to attend the gym by her side to help her build that confidence. It’s a great experience for both of you, and after a few sessions you will both be hooked reaping all of the fitness rewards!