Mixed martial arts is cool for many ways; some you may not even be aware of. Check out the list of awesomeness that MMA brings to your life:

  • Self-defense- So, maybe you won’t be the next Bruce Lee, but you won’t exactly be intimidated if someone gets in your face in a dark alley either. Mixed martial arts helps build your confidence, but usually in an appropriate, positive way, not the way guys leave the movie theater after watching Fight Club ready to brawl. This is especially important for the ladies out there as nothing is more comforting than knowing you can actually defend yourself to some extent should anything ever happen to you. Its peace of mind that your left hook or submission skills could very well save your life one day.
  • Body Image- Men and women both have issues with their bodies, and as we get older that goal weight becomes even harder to achieve. Before running out to waste your paycheck on the newest fad diet that you know you’ll drop by day two, start MMA classes instead. Watch the weight melt off while you have a blast learning the techniques of boxing, BJJ, wrestling, Muay Thai, and so forth.
  • Second Family- It’s true that those that fight together, stay together. MMA gyms tend to be your home away from home. You have a mutual respect for other students putting in the work that you do each week, and your instructors become like older siblings or even Fathers to some. It’s a great feeling having a slew of new friends that enjoy the same interests and you can learn from as time goes by.
  • Better Athletic Abilities- You become better as an athlete all around after training in MMA for a few months. The body simply adores to be in motion and the longer you train various muscles in your classes, the quicker your physique will respond by moving better in general in other activities. Lots of folks take up running, or triathlons after turning to MMA saying it greatly advanced their endurance to participate in those sports that in prior years they just couldn’t do.
  • You Actually Understand Fighting Now- MMA is not just a series of arts intertwined in a sport, it’s also a science that takes weeks if not months to fully understand. The actual art of fighting and learning so many different facets of Japanese traditions starts to intrigue you. Some students continue their MMA journeys way further than they ever imagined by not only getting a black belt in one style, but in several. At the very least, you’ll be able to grasp every second of watching professional MMA fights after learning the ins and outs.