Throwdown Training MMA/Boxing and Personal Fitness in Huntsville, Alabama, will work on a multitude of techniques and aspects of MMA including Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Muay Thai, Greco, Judo, etc. The workouts are designed as if you had an upcoming fight. You do not have to fight in order to train MMA we have a mix of Fighters who compete and fighters who don’t want to compete, however you want to look at it if your coming to the MMA Classes you will be in fight shape. The classes are not broken down into beginner, intermediate and advanced everyone works together no matter what the skill level this helps the advancement of your skills at a great pace. We all work together as a TEAM and utilize each members strengths and weaknesses in order to improve our skills.

In the MMA classes, we focus on being complete fighters, we are not a BJJ school and we do not wear traditional Gi’s as are worn in BJJ schools we are an MMA school and train as if were going to fight. You will learn the ground game, the standup game, the clinch, and will learn to push yourself physically and mentally to your limit during your times in the gym. We will do tons of Circuit work which will help you tremendously with cardio and stamina as well as your strength and conditioning, these circuits are designed to improve your overall skill level and target each part of the body making it stronger and faster, they are a mixture of aerobic and anaerobic exercises that promote fat loss as well as promoting muscle growth. So weather your in great shape or need to get into great shape these workouts will give you want you need and more.

Throwdown Training was created and designed by Jason Sanderson to give people in the area a way to help reach there personal goals weather it be to get into great shape, lose weight, get bigger, faster, and stronger on up to competing and fighting toe to toe inside the CAGE. Jason offers a wide array of training options for 1 on 1 personal fitness and health as well as MMA/Boxing. Jason has a very out of the box way of getting the job done when it comes to helping you reach your goals, keeping it fun and at the same time pushing your mind and your body to places you never knew it could go, and at the same time doing it safely.

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