Welcome to Ultimate Martial Arts in Clay, Alabama. This is the second UMA location, led by Sensei Paul Rhodes: Our original studio was founded in 2003 by Sensei Don Monistere.  After over 20 years in the martial arts, Sensei Don founded UMA to be the culmination of all of his experiences. Sensei Don combined the best techniques from various styles that he has mastered, and created one complete system. With Shotokan Karate at its base, UMA offers instruction in Karate, basic jiu-jitsu, practical self defense and weapons training.

UMA’s Mission is not only to hone the skills of self defense and martial arts, but also to use them as personal development tools. This endeavor will aid us in our quest for martial arts perfection and also in our daily life and careers.  Honesty, integrity, patience, respect, self control and leadership are not just by products of our teachings, it is what we teach.

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