MMA Training is many things: Wrestling, Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, BJJ, Karate, all mixed together. At American Pankration Fighting Spartan Academy in Mesa, Arizona, you can learn it all! Jeff Funicello, Master Instructor, has trained and competed in various arts including Wrestling since 1990, and won many competitions and tournaments, during and after college.

In addition to our location in Mesa, American Pankration Fighting also offers instruction at the following locations. For more information about our other training sites, please click to our website above or contact Jeff Funicello.

– Arizona State University Student Recreation Center, Small Gym A
– Pure Fitness, Tempe
– Camp Spartan High Altitude Training Center, Prescott


  • Gregory Moran says:

    I have been training at ASU and the Spartan Academy with American Pankration for 3.5 years In that time I have learned more about mixed martial arts than I could have imagined. Coach Jeff is always in class with us teaching the veterans and the newcomers with equal enthusiasm and interest. He takes great pride in his students and always makes sure that we can protect ourselves before letting us get into a ring or cage. He also brings in guest speakers on a regular basis to help us with our jujitsu, boxing, wrestling and MMA at no extra charge to his students.

  • Brandon Redaja says:

    I’ve been training at ASU and Spartan Academy with American Pankration for about two months. Jeff has been an excellent coach. He starts off with the basics or as we call it the fundmentals of MMA and then we branch off of that. We learn everything from boxing to BJJ. There’s no other school I’d prefer to go to other than American Pankration. I started out as a striker and now Jeff has made me comfortable fighting on the ground. This school does not separate the new students from the veterans. Jeff has this way of teaching as “monkey see, monkey do”. We learn more and are advancing alot quicker than most gyms. If you want to get into MMA I highly recommend American Pankration.

  • jimmy soave says:

    American Pankration is by far the best MMA school in the state of Arizona. What makes them unique is that no matter who you are (upcoming UFC fighter or 45 yr old getting into shape), they treat you same.

    The instructors Jeff and Lars have a way of teaching that makes you understand why and they teach you in steps not just random moves on random days. The result is that actually learn how to apply the moves as opposed to knowing a submission but have no idea how to get into a position to be able to use it. I’ve been to 4 other MMA schools searching for a place that takes as much in teaching and i finally found it.

    Another very unique thing about this school is how they integrate all grappling styles. We have champion freestyle wreslers, greco roman wrestlers, judo and jui jitsu players from all over the world. Its amazing to see all these styles collide and integrate.

  • Dan Huber says:

    Best MMA gym in AZ. If your looking for personal attention, excellent technique, and dedicated, world-class coaches, then you need to come to American Pankration. Talk about a program with credentials! 3x Grappling National Champions and 16 World Championship Medals. Come learn fron the best.

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