Neutral Corner Gym in Tucson, Arizona, provides great workouts for the general fitness public while keeping it real with expert coaching in boxing, kickboxing and MMA. From weekend warriors to the highest levels of amateur,and profesional competition. Skills for fighters, and fitness for everyone.


  • dave grinny says:

    this is a typical fitness gym. No real deal fighters and no professional trainers. I was not impressed.

  • shawn dawson says:

    They got rid of the only good coach or he just got fed up and left. This is your typical fitness dance gym.

  • Sean Romero says:

    Best real gym on the eastside of Tucson…Amateur Boxing Team winning all the time..Wow, real fighters there and outstanding coaching…well with all the wins they are getting its saying something!!!

  • Sean Romero says:

    This is in response to Dave Grinny: come back to the gym now and spar with some of these “no real deal fighters”. I am guessing you wont…

  • Brian Carlton says:

    This gym is Awesome! I don’t know what Mr. Dawson or Mr. Grinny are referring to, because this is a %100 real deal fighting gym. Neutral Corner has a top shelf reputation in Tucson for their winning fighters. One look at all the belts and trophies lining the walls will dispel any doubt. The training is great, the atmosphere is perfect, and the coaches are AAA rated in my book. This gym ROCKS!

  • I have been a member of Neutral Corner Gym for 1 year now,
    Not only have i gone from 232lbs to 165lbs and kept it off but i feel that i have learned more about boxing then i ever thought i would, this gym isnt just a gym but a family. i see all the trophies and wins that the boxing team has earned just since i have joined its astonishing. come to this gym and learn this great sport with the real boxers of southern Arizona,

  • Jonathan Boyd says:

    Great people , great trainers! There getting on a hot streak with the win they have been getting and I dare these haters that posted here to come challenge one of our fighters.

  • Gordon says:

    Best Boxing and MMA gym in Tucson, Arizona…Hands Down!!

  • USMC says:

    Yes it’s a fitness gym and a Boxing gym and a MMA gym, you can get whatever you want outta this gym, it’s just a matter of what you’re willing to put into it. Excellent boxing instruction from Brad and plenty of MMA, Thai boxing and kettlebells to go around. A bargain to join this gym. A great group of peeps!

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