SUMMA Sports in Tempe, Arizona, was created by Jay Pages under the tutelage of Eddie Rene Sanchez and Ricco Rodriguez.  It is a unique style of gi and no-gi Brazilian jiu-jitsu, classical jiu-jitsu, judo, sambo, western all-in wrestling, and combat/catch wrestling. The intentions behind SUMMA Sports was to have a complete grappling system with an unorthodox style which could keep an opponent under constant control, in the threat of danger, and guessing!

We emphasize attacking your opponent, forcing a submission or sweep and not just waiting for him to make a mistake. Although counter attacks are taught, we are primarily an offensive school. We play with the type of game that is always keeping your opponent on the deffense. We like to follow the saying, if you’re defending, you’re loosing!  Our style is tight and methodical!  Agressive, yet calm!

What separates SUMMA Sports from other schools is its innovation and evolution. We train with open minds and we take in what ever works!  Politics is something you will never find here at SUMMA Sports!  Only family and friends!

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