Eight Count Gym is an amateur Boxing and MMA gym located in Searcy, Arkansas. Eight Count Gym is set up as two seperate and distinct programs; they are the Searcy Boxing Club, and The Fighters Guild MMA Club. The Fighters Guild was established in 1997, making it one of the oldest MMA gyms in the state. We are a gym that is dedicated to training…training for fun, for exercise and for competition.

The Fighters Guild Mixed Martial Arts Club, was established by David Swain in 1997, making it one of the oldest MMA schools in the state. David began teaching MMA at The Fighters Guild before most Martial Arts Schools knew what Mixed Martial Arts were.

The Fighters Guild is NOT a traditional martial arts program. What is the difference? The Difference is that we do not focus on theory, we focus on performance. We operate on a “does it work” mentality. We do not care about fancy uniforms or fancy titles. We do not care about Katas or other forms of choreography. We care only about performance. Our grappling program, and belt promotions are run in affiliation with USA Storm.

The overall goal of The Fighters Guild is to become a well rounded fighter. This means that we train in all 3 ranges of fighting: standing, clinching and while on the ground.

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